August News from Bangladesh

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I appreciate your love and sacrifice for the Lord. Thank you for taking burden for us. I appreciate your effort to do so. I really praise God what He has done in our ongoing ministry. To God be the glory!!!

By the grace of God, He has continually remained in our ministry through the help of His Holy Spirit. He led and gave us every area of His direction in our ongoing ministry activities. We have been seeing His abundant blessings and fruits in our ministry. We thank God for His faithfulness and promises to us and not forsake us. This is His “AMAZING LOVE”!

Since rainy seasons this time, our ministry activities are somewhat interrupted because of mountain floods and landslides. Roads and houses are many destroyed. We prayed for who have destroyed their houses.

My co-workers have visited the nearest village at the border of Myanmar. There are 15 families in this village. This village is very far and need to reach there for three and half days. This village is very strong in their belief in Buddhist. And also this village is VERY hard soil. You can see at the pics their sacrifices inside the village, at the river and at the entrance of the house. This is disturbances area since this is a border. They (the village people) never heard the gospel and since this was for first time listening about gospel so only men were attending during the sharing gospel. After sharing gospel seven people have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior. Praise the Lord! And at last they built a church! My co-workers trained them everything. We believe that they will be practicing what they have learnt from the training. They promised that we will be teaching and sharing to our family members what we have learnt and heard from training and they will surely join in our belief. We will be doing follow- up at this village. Please pray for them this village so that the whole village may have relationship with Jesus Christ before they died. This is our fervently prayers.

Once again thank you for your cooperation in the ministry. We daily pay for you, your family, your ministry and business as well.
May God richly bless you.

Serving Together,

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