Missions – Some precisions

We read this today and were hooked up. Who actually dares to say this in this time and age where ‘going in a mission of 15 days’ or ‘being a missionary for 7 days’ is so ‘in’?

Well, church planter Jeff Vanderstelt dares. He says, “I like to call mission trips, ‘mission visits’ and longer term ones, ‘mission vacations,’ because we are going to vacate when we leave. We are not staying. And that’s a problem. I’m watching a lot of people getting excited about the hipness of going. Missional is [to] go and incarnational is [to] stay,” he explained. “I’ve seen a lot of people that want to go, but I don’t see a lot of people that want to go and stay.”

We agree!

Read full article here.

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