October Report from Bangladesh

We trust that everything is well with you. We are all doing fine in the ministry and family. Through your love and continued prayer, God is moving among the unreached people and giving us new fruits every day in our ongoing ministry. Our hearts also have enjoyed for growing and reproduce! Your sow seeds are not in vain BUT fruitful. Praise the Lord!!!

We have planted a new church at Kuhawi village. There are 25 families live in this village. Twenty families are already believers. They have strong faith in the Lord. They contributed their time, strength, money, personal contribution to build for their church building. They enjoyed themselves so much during the church building and they give thanks to God what He has provided a new church. In this village, they already formed women ministry, youth fellowship, gospel team, prayer meeting and home visit. They have much unity and enjoy in their ministry work. They are praying for rest of the families who are still living in the darkness.

We received 19 souls in our ministry. We praise the Lord for He is continually touching among the unreached peoples by the power of the Holy Spirit. We just finished our last executive meeting for 2017. The meeting went very fruitful and successful. We thank you so much for your love and continued prayer. We were able to penetrate among the unreached peoples with gospel for your continued supports and love. We are very grateful for what you have done in our ministry.

Below is given you a testimony of Zongrau Mru with his picture.

My name is Zongrau Mru. I am 11 years old. I have only one brother. I have completed grade one from my village school. I learnt so many things many things from the school. I can now read and write. I learnt about Jesus Christ. I now know how to stay neat and clean. My life in the past is very different from my life now. The only thing I knew in the past was playing and fighting with my friends the whole day.

I have many friends now and I have learnt to love them. Sunday is so much joyful to me. We all attend Sunday school together and listen to the story of Jesus Christ and His miracle works. I now strongly believe in Jesus and love him so much because I learnt from our teachers that if we believe in Him and love Him, He will give us eternal life in heaven. Our teachers also told us that He created everything and He provides us all of our needs. My parents used to hate Jesus before but they also believe in Jesus now because they have seen that I have been so much cared and loved our teacher and pastor.

I want to study more and become a teacher in the future very much I want to educate my people because they do not know how to read and write. I also want to tell my Mru people about Jesus. I will tell them that Jesus is our Savior and He is the only one who can give us eternal life. Please pray for my future life. Thank you.

Once again thank you so much for your great faithfulness and great commitment for His Kingdom. I hope and pray that God will allow us to meet and have fellowship with you in near future. This is my prayers. Please greet your family and loved ones for my family and me. We daily pray for you, your family and your ministry as well. We miss and love you so much.

Many blessings,

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