September Correspondence from Bangladesh

We trust that everything is well with you. By the grace of God, we are all doing fine in the ministry and family as well. We really thank you so much for your fervently prayers and continued love for us and His Kingdom. Through your continued love and prayers, God has given us abundantly blessings, fruitful and multiplying in our ministry. We really appreciate what you have done in our ongoing ministry! To God be the glory!

Since heavy rainy seasons in our areas right now so our ministry are somewhat interrupted due to rain. But as we messengers of God, we did it as much as possible what God has given on us for duty and responsibilities to oversee His sheep. No matter it is rainy seasons, cold seasons or hot sessions, we must carry on our duty and responsibilities. I think that doctors and missionaries position are the same. And also we must to think about Jesus’ His life and how much His sacrificed for us!!! We need to think deeply about His valuable blood given us on the Cross. That’s why I always tell to my fellow workers that God has purchased us through His blood. How much He loves us. His love is AMAZING LOVE!!!

We have a new-planted church at Bongrek village. There are 15 families live in the village. There are five families who are new believers. The rest of the families are still living in the darkness. We have been praying for them so that they may have relationship with Jesus Christ soon. They are contributed for their church building such as personal contributions, family contributions, tithes and offering, their time and etc. The church was made by bamboo, wooden and roofing by Tins. Even though the believers are five families only, they have much unity, they love each other, and they made a group of team for home visit, evangelism team, prayer meeting, fellowship and women ministry group. They used to do their ministry activities every night time. In their ministry activities I like for the most part is they encourage each other, teach one another (2Tim2:2).

We have received 15 souls in our ministry and baptized 9 people. Please pray for them so that they may have strong faith and faithfulness in the Lord and reproduce more and more. This is our main emphasized and focused in our ministry. Please pray also our follow up so the church leaders, youth and lay leaders remain in faithful what they have learnt from our training and they may have actively involved in their respective fields.

We are still expecting one another new church in different village in next month please prays for them so they may be able to complete on time. The church is being built.
As you knew that our areas is not good right now for Rohinga refugees. They fled from Myanmar about 5, 00,000 people. Our government shelters them near our place. So it is very difficult situation right now. Please pray for us so that we may stay safe. And for them, we may not be interrupted our ministry work.

[Faces of ministries and workers in the field have been pixelated for security reasons]

We thank you so much for your love and prayers for us and His Kingdom. I miss and love you so much. Please greet your family for my team and me. We pray for you every day and you are in our hearts!!

Many blessings,

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