Blessed Support to Homeless Outreach

On Sunday, August 5th, we were so blessed to financially support and work along side the ministry “Meet Me Under The Bridge” in one of their weekly outreaches during the entire year. This is the second time the Lord gives us the opportunity to assist in their work with the Indianapolis downtown homeless sectors.

As seen in the video clip above, we met around 2:30pm in a Hardees´s parking lot, to pray in a circle for the work of the Lord to be done through us. We also prayed that we may gracefully share Christ’s love with those we were about to meet. At precisely 3:00pm, some of the volunteers setup a table and served hot fried chicken with sides and dessert as a meal while others ministered through encouragement, spiritual support and wholesome conversation.

You can see some of our members and friends working for the glory of God in the following images. If you wish to see more photos, please visit our latest uploads to our Facebook Page.

We brought a number of New Testaments along with tracts amd handed them out to those desiring to learn more about the hope we had in Jesus Christ. There was distress of every type among those who lived under this bridge. Some without family or home, others recently released from jail and some mentally incompetent to sustain themselves in society. As one of the volunteers commented, this was a sure culture shock, compared to the comfortable lives most of us live. In the video below, you can see the tents some of them use.

If you want to join us in our local outreaches in Indiana, please let us know by communication through our Contact Form. While the larger part of what Messiah Missions does is overseas, we genuinuely feel that the Lord wants all our volunteers to remain actively engaged locally. We welcome new partners who can either join us locally or help us support the indeginous pastor´s overseas. We would be so excited to have you work with us for the glory of God!

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