Ministry Overview Video

We made this video back in 2010, when we were working with Lea Haisch. It needs edited, but will do for now.  The video share the despairing situation in India, and how urgent it is for Christians to take the Good News of Christ to that country.

Radical Obedience to Christ

What does it mean Christ’s Call to YOU?  To radically obey Christ is sometimes avoided in a Christian culture saturated by the world’s standards. Dr. K.P. Yohannan challenges you and I to abandon our comfort zone and truly follow Christ.

Voddie Bauchman on Church Growth

The 2008 “On Target Evangelism Conference” where Pastor Voddie Baucham’s delivered a powerful message on Church Growth, for pastor’s and church planters alike. He challenges our mission and confronts the “sacred cows” in the Church.

Brian Long’s Message with Conviction

Coming Persecution & the Baptism of the Holy Spirit by Brian Long is a powerful and convicting message that will motivate Christians to more prayerfulness, diligence and perseverance in our walk. We encourage our partners to prayerfully watch this!

Half Devil Half Child

Western missionaries are encouraging new converts to keep their faith ‘inside.’ Baptized Christians are going back to the Imams and back to the mosques. Rather than identifying themselves as Christians, they are calling themselves Isai or “Jesus” Muslims.

Jim Cymbala – House of Prayer

Jesus said, “my house is a house of prayer.” So why are most churches non-praying? Jim Cymbala shares how his church the Brooklyn Tabernacle became a praying church. He also shares his own journey of having a wayward child, and how God moved in that experience.