This is the Call God Placed in Our Hearts

God’s mission of reaching the unreached at any cost, to the vast millions of people who have never heard of the gospel of salvation, was the prime motive in the beginning of Messiah Missions, and all other aspects of the mission in many nations of the world.

For the last decade a tremendous response has been pouring in from all parts of the country for a great love for God and we must take this opportunity to tell the people about the love of God which was manifested on the cross.

The doors are not closed for the gospel in the world. Who knows whether tomorrow will bring an opportune time or way like today or not? Religious fundamentalist groups are already targeting Christian minority groups in several countries in South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Some countries have passed laws that condemn conversion to Christianity.

It is the hour for us to do the work of the Great Master Lord Jesus. We are reaching out with our partners, to these one billion people hoping to achieve a great harvest before the return of Jesus Christ.

God’s Vision For Us

Messiah Missions has been raised for the purpose of world evangelization, inasmuch as our members are called or able. Ultimately, our calling is to systematically increase the effectiveness of reaching the unreached, pastoring the unpastored, and nurturing the destitute to be victorious disciples of Christ.

We are focusing on the least reached villages and towns of India and neighboring countries, as well as South America, Mexico, Guatemala, and the third world nations of Asia. India, with a population of one billion people, is the second largest nation in the world. Indeed it is a nation of many nations! Among the one billion people of India, there is only a small population that has ever heard of Jesus. So it was imperative to support the indigenous pastors and leaders of these regions. North India is a barren land as far as evangelization is concerned. It has soaked the blood of many martyrs into its soil. Many have labored but the results have been very poor for many reasons.

Do you share this vision? Will you contact us and express your desire to learn more?