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By David Ling

I was born in 1980 in the undeveloped small village of the western part of Myanmar. My parents are farmers and are working daily for living. My grandfather was one of the High Priests of animists or spirit worshipers in our village. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord in my life in 1997, May. It was at three day’s salvation camp conducted by a Methodist pastor. When the pastor preached the scripture taken from Rom 5: 8 that God commends his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. I came to know that God loves me even if I am yet sinner and Christ died for me in that situation. Praise the Lord. And then, when I passed my matriculation exam in 1998, I served as a civil servant in the administration department under Ministry of Domestic Affairs for six years. This is my parents’ expect from me to have permanent work to support their needs.

In 2005, I resigned from being a civil servant and decided to go to Bible school. When I resigned from being a civil servant, my parents were so angry with me because I could not fulfill their desire and expectation of me. They didn’t talk to me for a year. When I was at Bible school, they never contacted me or support me. But God is with me and I could finish my Bible school in 2011.

When I was in Bible school, I heard the call of God to be in the ministry. The visions God gave at that time was to reach unreached people, widows, orphans and poor children. It is to praise the Lord that there are many Christian ministries in Myanmar working for the gospel of the Lord. But it is sad to say that most of Christian ministries try to build their kingdom instead of building the kingdom of God reaching people with the gospel of Christ. It is sad to say that most Christian ministries neglect poor children and widows to reach with the gospel. This is the reason why Gospel Light Baptist Church(Mission) came into existence in 2015. This GLBC is now working in five slums, rural and remote areas in Myanmar. The main aim is to reach badly ignored people in Myanmar with the gospel light of the Lord.


Teaching God's Word to a small community of believers.

Teaching God’s Word to a small community of believers.

It is our heart’s desire to reach unreached people in the slums and remote areas of Myanmar. This means, not only to preach the gospel with the normal Christians but the unreached Non-Christians (all non-Christians) also through evangelism, gospel trip distribution, one to one counseling, and home visit to fulfill the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. These are what we are able to do for God’s own glory.

We not only do evangelism but also have a heartfelt burning desire to do something for their life improvement such as education, emergency relief work (in the situation of flood and landslide in the rainy season). Regard to this, we do Life Development Centre (orphanage home with 10 real orphans from the civil war affected areas who lost their parents), and widows care. In order to do more caring for the orphans, giving the educational needs and caring for the widows, we need more donors.

Another ministry we are doing is literature. It is a ministry of translation and printing Christian books into our national language, Burmese and is officially approved by the government. If you have any material to be translated into other languages, we are so happy to translate in our language so that people in Myanmar can read it.

I, therefore, humbly and sincerely invite you to join hands with us for the lost, ignored and neglected people in Myanmar with your prayer and financial contribution. We will be so blessed, encouraged and pleased if you have a great burning desire to put hands together with GLBC for the physical (needs) and spiritual blessings(salvation) of Myanmar people. We are so thankful for your financial and prayer support. May the blessings from our living God be upon you all. Please continue praying for the ministry and peace of Myanmar.

In His Service,
Pastor David Ling
GLBC team, Myanmar


Project; Life Development Foundation (orphanage home)
Location: Hlegu, Yangon, Myanmar

This ministry is raised up to care orphanage children. We provide 10 orphanage children for their needs of education, food, and clothes and medical care and shelter. If God meets our financial needs, we pray to care more orphans from the civil war affected areas who lost their parents in the civil war.

Project; Sunday School ministry
Location: Shewpyitar, Hlegu (Yangon), Bago

This ministry is raised up to reach the non-Christian children with the gospel. It is also one way of reaching their parents through their children. We spend time on Saturday to reach these non-Christian children. We provide their physical nourishment, educational needs. Sometimes, we provide food and clothes because most of these children are extremely poor.

Project; Youth ministry,
Location: Hlegu (Yangon region), Kyin Dwe (Chin state), Tarlay (Shan state)

This ministry is raised up to reached young people. We organize young people to have Bible study with them to improve their spiritual life. We reach more than 80 young people. We are praying to be able to give them Burmese Bible.

Project; Widows Ministry
Location: Shewpyitar, Hlegu(Yangon region), Kyin Dwe (Chin state), Seikphyu (Magwe region), Tarlay (Shan state)

This ministry is raised up to help especially the widows who don’t have relatives to care for them. We provide a bag of rice, clothes, and sometimes we prepare their houses as the Lord leads us.

Project; Church planting ministry
Location: Hlegu, Tyikkyi (Yangon region), Bago (Bago region), Tarlay (Shan state), Kyauk Htu, Seikphyu (Magwe region), Kyin Dwe (Chin state)

This ministry is to reach the people with the gospel of Christ to establish the local church. But as GLBC (mission) is still young and still house church. No church building yet any church planting area and still praying for that. We do street open evangelism, gospel tract distribution, salvation camps such as.

Project; Hosanna Literature Ministry
Location: Yangon

This ministry is the translation ministry on Christian book and print in our national language. This ministry is officially approved by the government and has a license for printing. If some one come and ask to translate his or her book, we translate. When they pay for the translation fee, that is what we spend in the areas of the ministries we are doing.

We need your prayer and support for the ministries we are doing in Myanmar for the kingdom of God to reach more and more with the gospel of the Lord so that the great commission given by the Lord Jesus Christ will be fulfilled.

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