March Report from Myanmar

Dear Brethren in Christ! The peace and joy of this month given by God be upon you all. Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is my heart desire to express how God is working in Myanmar through Messiah Mission Myanmar(GLBC).I trust in the Lord that you all are doing well and here we all are well by His grace and loving care too. We are so blessed in this month of Febury 2020. We can do 20 home visit (Home cell meeting) sharing the gospel to about 75 men and women. We can pray for them and show our love to them with the gift.

Prayer meetings

We can organize 45 prayer meetings in this months. 20 of prayer meetings were doing in the Christian homes and 25 of praying meetings were hold in Non-Christians’ homes. Every Friday, we have fasting prayer in every mission field.

Sunday School

In this month of February , we can reach more than 250 Sunday school children. This is happening in every mission field. We can provide small piece of cake to the children every Saturday. We can share the gospel and told the Bible stories regarding to the salvation of Christ. By God’s grace, 20 of the children confess that Jesus Christ is their savior and Lord. Praise the Lord. But it is sad to say that before they are 18 years, they don’t have any personal decision to take baptism.


In our outreach, we can reach more than 70 men and women sharing the gospel in the areas of Yangon, Seikphyu, Bago, and Shan state. They experience God’s grace and love personally. And we can distribute more 150 gospel tract about “Do you know your God” in Burmese language. It effectively works in the heart of the people who get this gospel tract. Group Bible study meeting is done in every Wednesday and all total 54 people can attend in the Bible study meeting.

Widow/ poor Ministry

We can help 5 poor families. They are so thankful to the Lord and Messiah Missions too.


It is to praise the Lord, By the grace of the Lord, 9 young people took baptism in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. 2 is from Shan State given by Pastor Timothy, and another 7 are from Chin state at John Hung Mang’s church. I prayed for them there after they took baptism. We believe God will give us more for His own glory.

Orphanage home

The ten orphanages are now at home after taking their final exam. They have Bible study every night led by my wife and me. Sometimes, they are let by the Sunday School teachers.

Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for the peace of Myanmar.
  2. Pray to reach more lost souls in Myanmar.
  3. Pray to have GLBC and Messiah Mission Myanmar center(office)
  4. Pray to meet the needs in the mission fields.

In His Service
David Ling

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