November Report from Nanjangud

All dearly beloved prayer partners of MESSIAH MISSIONS, we greet you in the name of Jesus Christ which is our Saviour and Lord and which told “go ye unto all the world and preach the Gospel.”


By the grace of our blessed Lord the work in India is going fast and we are doing the ministry in season and out of season. Why I say this is there had been much rain and water in India during the past months. Only a week passed since the rainy season had been over in India especially in south India.Our MESSIAH MISSIONS central church was destroyed due to heavy rains. Rain water came inside the church we had to suffer on two Sundays. We all prayed for a provision and the Lord helped through our respected Director and we purchased two hundred more cement bricks and and 10 sacks of cement and two big steel pipes. The height of the Messiah Missions central church was raised two feet and steel rods were given supporting the Asbestos sheets on the roof. Cement and sand mixed and pasted around the roof. Again rain came but we had no problem in worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ in spirit and truth.

In the same way the thatched prayer hall of Satish Kumar in Chethalayam and the tiles used prayer hall of the Pastor suresh also have been destroyed and we have repaired it . Thanks to the gracious Lord Jesus Christ.  Brother Thampi John Daniel’s house also began to drain and he is looking for another house. but the big amount advance forbids him to get another rented house.


Since there is restriction for open air evangelism we used to visit house to house evangelism. A young girl called Mandhara (flower) listened to the gospel very eagerly. She studies for B. COM under graduate degree. Her father is a chain smoker and drinks alcohol continually he never cares for the house. She has a younger sister also. However we told her about a God which cares for the poor and downtrodden that is Jesus which laid down his life for the propitiation sacrifice for people which believes in him. She submitted herself and received Jesus Christ as lord and Saviour. She will continue to attend prayer meetings. she has coveted for the prayers for her studies to be completed and her father the drunkard should be saved. Now a days her mother also been a patient and needs care.

Another young man called Shringar also listened to the gospel and committed his life to Jesus. This gentleman studied up to pre university level but failed to secure he pass marks. Any how he has the ambition for leading a successful life with the help of Jesus. His uncle Mahesh has been saved already through the ministry of John Roy which acts as the local pastor of the Nanjangud Messiah mission church. Mahesh had been deaf for years and has been healed currently. Two other young boys, Joshua and Peter Bharath Kumar also continue to listen to the Word of god meditation. We do not encourage Bible Schools because three years or four years spending in Bible Schools is a waste of time when hundreds of perishing souls are there around us. Jesus did not say send labourers to Bible School but told to send labourers to the field. These two young boys will continue with us visiting houses and villages, distributing salvation tracts and booklets and praying for the sick. In fact there is notion tract which can be given to the Hindu seeker. A scholor of the Vedas- re are four Vedas such as RikhYajur, Sama and adarvana veda in Hindu philosophy] can clearly understand that a crucified saviour is mentioned in all the vedas and Upanishads. Only thing they do not find time for searching their holy books but continue in rituals.



Karnataka is full of villages. It is estimated as much as 31000 villages are there in Karnataka after all the Thandas of the Lambani people were considered as villages revenue.  They are scattered away from the towns tens and eights of kilometers. Karnataka evangelism gospel work is done only in Bangalore and other towns because the children of the evangelists will get a good education and the pastors and wives will get chicken biriyani every day. But the real gospel work is needed in the villages and done by Messiah missions.  We have a team of young people based in the head quarters at NANJANGUD TOWN where the National head quarters of the Messiah missions situated. Brother Raveendran, Brother Nagaraju, Brother Peter bharath kumar, and Brother Joshua are the members of the team with Pastor John Mohan and Brother John Roy and sister Thankamma Mohan the prayer warrior.

Yesterday morning we started from here and went to Heggadadevana kotte which is situated 60 kilometers away from here. The villages Hampapura, Bengalli, Yashwanthapura. Beguru, Yediyala. Kotthhanahalli, Anjipura are met with the gospel. Again all came to our headquarters and prayed for all the tracts given and all the people met with.  We are planning 15 days stay in this area forthe follow up activities which is the point of interest here is the open mind of the village people they readily accept the gospel and no opposition or prejudice is shown. Fifteen people were converted and ten families reunited because of this outreach work. We whole heartedly thank our International Director and others for providing subsidy for the gas [petrol] expenses which will be highly rewarded with eternal redwards because people which never heard the gospel are hearing the gospel and met with the name of JESUS.


Here Brother siddharju is continuing winning souls for the lord jesus Christ. 30 children attend the kid’s club here. They are learning the word of God and Christian songs. They are taught their lessons free of cost. This is done to enhance the number of the children coming to the center. 6 of these children are growing in the salvation knowledge.  Brother Anjipura sisharaj paul is working here. He is not going to any job full time evangelist. His wife Pushpa is also an educated lady . she is not also going to any work but taking tutions to the children. Sidharaju is very committed worker and he was healed from hiper tention bleading from his nose continually some years back. Now he is very active in Christian work. ODAYANAPURA This village is 55 kilo meters away from our head quarters we have traced this village because no gospel has ever entered this hamlet. Pastor John Madan Mohan and his wife Thankamma entered this village and gave away tracts to all the houses unlike to some other villages this village people have no opposition for the gospel all the tracts and new testaments were distributed free of cost and some elderly people were supported monetarily. Anbalagan, balachandran, chandrakanthan, Danalakshmi, Ekkamma, ellamma and some other people were showed very good interest in hearing the word of God.. We would like to start a feeding center here because the people are very poor here . No good roads, no toilets in the houses and no much education to the people.  Thank God these people know how to read and write.  We gave away many New Testaments also to the deserving candidates which have studied up to matriculation. We do not want that the New Testaments should be wasted.

Brother Ranjith Thomas which has recently joined MESSIAH MISSIONS as an evangelist full time has come forward for the doing of the follow up work. He may the station evangelist for the village. This village has 200 houses and almost all of them are farmers. Among them some people are breeding cattle.


This village is 60 kilo meters away from our Headquarters in Nanjangud town. But this village belongs to Nanjangud Taluk only not to the adjacent Gundalpet or Heggada devana kotte taluks. This village has 500 houses among them 50 houses belong to Muslim community.  100 houses belong to coloured and high caste hindus called Gowdas or Vokkaligas . They are stubborn Hindus . Other 350 families are poor scheduled caste families and they are eagerly coming forward to hear the gospel and worship Jesus. Their children are given free tuitions here by our brother Reji and we are praying to get some sports instruments for these children. Previously we were providing easily but since we have some commitments to complete construction of the NANJANGUD FIRST MESSIAH MISSION CENTRAL CHURCH we are coming short of money and resourses . But the year end is good for open air evangelism and outreach works because this is not only Christmas Season but also year end. And all people groups seemed to look forward for some kind of spiritual activities. Since this village is full of young women sitting in the houses after failing in the Metriculation examination and seems no work for them and going to the nearest town is 60 kilo meters away we want to start a free tailoring training unit in the village. That will help the improvement of the situations and benefit the future of the women folk in this village. The nearest village is Yashwanthapura and Barage. Thes village young women also come and attend and be benefitted by this assignment and we do not want to mingle any religion in the social work. Social work has no religion, caste or creed. This is only for getting contacts in new horizons. But our main activity is preaching the Grace of God in sending His only begotten Son Jesus Christ as a propitiation for our sins and helping us to find away out of the eternal damnation, the burning hell.


This village is on the road to Kumpalli . There are only 80 houses in this village. We gave some salvation tracts Devarannu thiliyuva Marga (Finding the way to God). This salvation tract in bulk has been provided from Chennai by the efforts of the Director last year. Now that these salvation tracts are almost gone away distributed in the villages and times we need boxes of New Testaments as well as Salvation tracts. Some children are interested in coming to the Kids club and two families came to Christ because of our Ministries open air preaching. The portable speaker system and the quality Electric Guitar by the Messiah Missions prayer partners in USA are very useful in public ministries. Brother Veera Bhadra has come forward here to do the follow up works and shepherding the new coming believers.


This village never answers positively for the gospel work. Only one woman named Chamundi Has come forward and got baptized in water baptism. But she is strong in faith and shares the gospel to every body she meets. She tells the time is running out and the coming of the Lord is near and there is no opportunity to wash ourselves from their blood. But there are six families here of her kith and kin which are admitting her to tell the gospel and we are sure in the near future, all these six families will come to the Lord Jesus Christ. India lives in villages. Karnataka has more villages than any other states of india. Now adays the thandas of Lambani tribes are accepted as villages and we calculate 37, 000 villages in KARNATAKA . So villages should be met with the gospel . The sound system and musical instruments provided by the Messiah Missions is very helpful for the gospel work and also the tracts and Bibles purchased . We thank one and all the Messiah Missions well wishers and prayer partners for co operating with us to fulfill our parts in the GREAT COMMISSION ordered by our Savior and Lord. The Lord has told whatever you have done the least of these brothers have already done to me. So it is true that the good works you do for this mainstream evangelism has eternal reward and the righteous Lord will distribute them in the Second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  In this world also he will give a hundred fold for the partnership in the Gospel and evangelism work done in these needy areas.


We are continually reaching out intothis village among the poorest of the poor people.  Mrs. Vimala Palani is the first fruit here. Vimala and Palani are married for the past five years but of no issue. But she has come forward much in spiritual connections and never misses a prayer meeting. Rekha and her children also attend all prayer meetings . these two women are baptized but their husbands did not take baptism and show less interest in things pertaining to spiritual revival. Rani has been in ill. She has continued coughing and fever. Yesterday I anointed with oil and prayed for . Now she is getting well. There is persecution in this village . Some miscreants threw stones at the believers villages and threaten and criticize the Pastor and his wife and other believers and talk against the congregation . The main hand which was doing this one Kamalakar died of electric shock in her house. The criticisers put this blame upon the believers. They say because the believers prayed to their God to punish the persecutors and that is the reason she died unnatural death. However we did not go for any argument because it is not our duty. Please pray for Vimala and Rekha so that they will stand steadfast in the faith. God willing we want to give a Saree each to these women and other 20 women which are continuing in the faith for years. A Saree costs 400 Indian rupees and twenty Sarees may cost 8000 rupees. Only Lord is the answer . Our needs are increasing and let us pray for the Good Lord may answer our prayers and meet our needs.


Pastor Ranjith and Pastor Reji Sebastian greatly inspired by the commitment for the cause of Christ by the Messiah Mission evangelists have signed up to join with the Messiah missions and continue to do the rural evangelism in villages. This part of Karnataka is full of villages. Unlike Bangalore the capital of Karnataka and the capital of Christianity in India which is full of Christian activities, this part of Karnataka has no significant activities sharing the gospel of Christ. many pastors which have begun gospel sharing the work here have flown away from here to comfort zones such as Bangalore and Chennai. But these young evangelist want to be in the battlefield of reaching the gospel to the unreached areas. Both are graduates from Bible colleges and commitment to make knwn the gospel to the Karnatakan Villages.



All our sunday schools are running well . Actually they are not sunday schools but kid’s clubs. they are formed in villages and slums among heathen children ; children from the poorest of the poor families. The children are cared in their physical, spiritual, social and educational well being. A new kids club has been formed in Mysore cities Ragavendra nagar and last week Pastor John mohan visited that kids club.  We are trying to give one time snacks in the evening for these poor children. Apart from this in cheday pura, Edayala and Anjipura there are feeding centers and we fear we will have to close these feeding centres due to financial constraints. We request the people of god to support generously for this purpose.

Hosali is a good village starting a new preaching point and we are trying to utilise Brother Mahesh for this purpose. Nagarle also a good village for constructing a small prayer hall because Mr Shyam Samuel and his four member family, Brother siddharaju and his wife and children, sister vamma, Brother Paul siddharaju and family and brother and family and all these Messiah Missions committed members are residing here and they have to come 5 kilo meters by bus for worships and prayer meetings. another important place is thoravalli which place is Basavaraju Andrews and family, Brother mahadevan and Ashamahadevan are residing. in Hullalli Brother palani and Vimala, Rekhas family, Rani’s family and chamundi’s family are gathering we are unable to conduct any public meetings here due to communal problems as you know. But door to door efforts are giving fruits. another problem is the Hindu swajis are offering money for renouncing faith and go back to Hindui but committed and communicated believers never accept any such bribe and go back on their commitments with Christ. WIDOW HELPAGES Presently we are helping Kurimari Kamalamma, Sriramapura kamalamma, Sakkammma, meena, gowramma, Dhanalakshmi and these seven widows. We are giving 500 indian rupees for these women. We actually need to give 1000 per month as the xpenditure incurred very costly. Cost of the food steps have gone to the sky and we actually feel pity for these women.


Let us pray that god will open wide doors so much to receive more blessings from the heavenly places to share with them and help and support them at least up to two years so that a sustainable activity enlarges and they stand on their own legs and form strong churches which may provide for their shepherds.

1. Five Christian families were forced to renounce their faith in god recently in KARNATAKA. Christians are facing high altitude persecution and oppressions regarding their faith, prayer and worship very often.

2. Amidst opposition and persecution the messiah mission evangelists continue in soul winning . this young woman named Mandhara was saved recently renouncing the faith in idols and confessing her faith in the SON OF GOD.

3. A young man named Shringar listened to the word of god spoken by the evangelists, argued about a lot of things and renounced idols and turned to the son of God and confessed faith in God. this picture shows how he receives Christ on kneeling down.

Plase continue to pray for us. Without your help we can not go even one step forward. so please help us and the eternal reward will be there for you. mpeace and grace continue.

Yours in our Master’s vineyard

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