December 2016 Report from Nanganjud, India

“And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following.”  Gospel of Mark 16:20

People are thinking these signs are –blind seeing and deaf hearing. But the signs of the gospel is repentance of sinners and coming to the Lord Jesus Christ. People are giving more importance to the temporary developments and they fall because of going after these signs. Some day they will reject the core elements of Gospel and turn to their havens.

Real sign we see when the demon possessed with 6000 evil spirits, when healed by Jesus was ordered by our Lord to stand as a testimony in his own land because Evangelists were not hosted by them. When the Samaritan woman was converted she did not ask for more signs. Rather she dropped her pot there itself and ran to win souls for Jesus and bring believers to the presence of God.

In Messiah Missions in India we just try to reach more people for Jesus. Because believers will go to heaven and signs and wonders will stop here and also the performers.


This month we could reach villages called Ramapura, Hullalli, Arthala, Huskuru and Valagere. Within the end of this month we will be reaching Sinduvalli North and Dadadalli. The unchanging word of God is spoken and the sinners come to God. Small congregations average believers 20 has been formed in all these villages. poorest of the poor people come and attend in these congregations and do not think that we are not praying for the sick . we are praying for the sick people and the people are healed. But we do not be satisfied with these so called sigs and wonders. that is our belief. We should be exclaiming only in eternal things such as our names are written in the book life and a sustainable congregation is established in a village. Karnataka has 29, 234 villages and we have to travel miles before reaching at least a significant part of this land.


We are working with 324 children right now in our Sunday schools and Jesus Clubs and last year we could distribute one sweet cake, one New Testament and two Compact cassette discs of Jesus film to all the children with the help of Messiah Missions International an especially its Director.  This year also we are going to distribute sweet cakes, and New testaments and we do not have compacts cassette discs this time. we are going to distribute meals to the new believers also in all these places and also in Hullalli.

I and all the people connected with Messiah Missions India convey MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the Donors and prayer partners in the end of this year and in the threshold of the New Year. We thank our Director and his family for continued support, guidance and prayers for all these years.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

John Madan Mohan

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