February 2012 Report from Pastor John Mohan

Dear brothers in Christ, greetings in the name of Jesus !

1. Nanjangud town church:

This church is growing amidst many problems . First of all we do not have a own building for the worship here. All the people are from non-Christian backgrounds. They have come to the Lord as the Lord had proved in their lives His word by doing miracles and giving them much peace and consolation. Many of them came because they have received healings from the Lord. This Happy New Year Day we started worshipping the Lord at the early minutes of he year and in the New Year Morning a House was dedicated.  Brother Ramanna had built a house and it was dedicated on that day. A prayer meeting was held in the Newly built house and many people gathered. A delicious lunch was arranged by the Hosts. Ramanna has three daughters and only one son. He finds his living by selling fruits and vegetables. Most of the time he finds difficult in meeting both ends together. However he could build a new house just because he is a saved person  and the Lord is with him. Later in the evening brother George Ganesh took baptism in the water to decide to become a witness for the Lord before the idol worshiping heathen people in this region . We are having gospel works among the slums and villages and Brother JM Mohan and his family are here as the MessiahMissions missionaries.

Commitment. Since many people are coming for prayer and the Sunday Worship a Prayer hall is rented and we are giving 4500INR For the house as rent. It needs another Rupees 5000 as support for the Missionary family. Please pray for the family of Mrs Kala Gopal she was spotted by the Missionaries during their slum visiting and they saw these couples one female baby was lying in comma. Missionaries had compassion for the child and they wept and prayed to the Lord to heal the child. Nevertheless they gave a bottle of prayer oil to Mrs Kala and asked her to anoint and pray for the child. Later we came to know that The child showed improvements. I began to open its eyes and it is taking food now. Now Mr. Gopal is also attending prayers because of the Lord Jesus’ compassion for the family. In the mean time we fasted and prayed for the couple and conducted a fasting prayer in their house. Commitment here is Rs. 4,500 as Rent for the worship Hall

2. Anjipura work:

Brother Paul Shiddaraju is working here and we have a children work here and fifty children are studying the word of God. The method of work here is  that the children should use the play materials and play in the evening and study their lessons with the help of the Sunday School Teacher Mrs. Pushpa and on Sunday they should attend the Sunday School. This family is visiting villages Begur, Indra nagar, Kotthhanahally, , Edayala, Uriyala. Chennadaya pura, and Halalli.Recently Mrs. Manjula was saved .She is a widow and she has three female children. She found solace in the Word of God.She continues to come to the church. Commitment here is Rs.2500 for the Missionary as Honorarium And Rs. 500/- for the SS Teacher as support.


Brother John Shiddaraju is working here as a Missionary Couple and they are visiting villages Nettre, Hosapura, Neerale, Halepura and a good Sunday school cum kids club is run here. A women empowerment programme is conducted here to teach them  about savings, keep them away from alcohol , debts etc.  Mr. Basappa and his wife, Mahadeva and his wife , Maiyappa and his wife, Siddappa and his wife are the people which are co-operating here. Already four people have taken baptism here. They are Basavappa and his wife Hemavathy, Mahadevapp and his wife Ashadevi.   Commitment Rupees 2500 INR for the missionary family here.


Miss. Raji salomi is appointed by the Mission as Children Education Department Teacher for the one hundred plus children here. All are slum children and they are very interested to learn the word of god as well as that they should be taught in the centers with free tuitions. Nevertheless they are having the opportunity to play in the evening since play materials given free by the Messiah Mission so that none of them should go astray. We sadly wan to report that a boy of 12 years Vinay by name had died because of a Four – wheeler accident . He was a good boy and was very much respecting the Teacher and also the Missionary family   Commitment is Rupees 500/- rupees five hundred per month only for the Children Education Teacher Miss Raji Salomi per month.


Because of this work only Mr. Vishakanta Murthy and family got saved and also Mr. Shivu came to the lord Jesus Christ. Here also 100 children are coming to the center and special care is taken to the children such as Medical care, and providing nourishments. Commitment for this center is Rupees 1000 per month.


Mrs. Rekha is looking after this slum work among the children. Manasapriya, Kavitha and Visalakshi are from this center. Manasapriya was originally called as Rakshitha which means Salvation in the vernacular. She came to the Lord and brought her mother also to the faith. Please pray for the drunkard father of Manasapriya called Ravi. A lot of children are attending this center  and many of them are saved . Commitment for this center is 1000 as we give Honorarium for the Christian Education Teacher and also for the medical care and also for the Refreshments.


Where Ambika Paul is a Christian educationTeacher. Here  nearly 40 children gather and they are often getting rich refreshments and medical care and also pryer care every day. Now that Brother Samuel one of our co- missionaries has shifted to this Village , these children are getting spiritual care week long. Upputtu and  Kesari -bath are the nourishments these children are provided. Kesari Bath is a sweet and Upputtu is a savour. Every evening these children are allowed to play and after that many of these children bow down before the missionaries to be prayed for. It is very important that many of the parents in these villages are  became receptive to the Gospel and Brother Kanthaveera, Puttamma, Bhagya Lakshmi, Ramya and other s have come to the Lord and have received baptism.

However we are sad to report that Mr. Mara came forward a lot, backslidden because of his mother in laws persecutions and he died of AIDS. Kanthaveera and her wife puttamma quarreled recently and were living on the edge. By the grace of God they both came counseling to me actually Puttamma came weeping and broke down. After counseling her I telephoned to Kanthaveera and he also came to me. I cursed the evila forces which wanted to separate them and spoil family life which is ordained by God. They both went out in peace and continue to live happily. All the Glory to the Slain Lamb. Commitment for this work is Rs.1000/- pm for the CETeacher as support for her livelihood and travel expenses.

8. Special Children care.

Our special sponsored children are doing well. Especially Manasapriya is doing well. She shines in her studies  now a days.She has many ambitions for her future and for her siblings. Kavitha and Visalakshi are also doing well. Today’s children tomorrows citizens is aproverb . But I think Todays children Tomorrows witnesses for the Lord Jesus Christ. Please continue to Pray for us. Because of your earnest prayers the persecutions and attacks by the communal extremists have diminished  now a days. Your prayers safeguard us as a Fortress. {PSAMS 46:1]

9. Headquarters for Messiah Missions in India:

The Lord has given us as mall plot of land and we are still working to get a License to build a building on the land. Within a month we will be getting the license without  any bribe and just by prayer. Within this year we have to build a building which may have a room for the guests with western toilets, two other bed-rooms in the down stairs, an office room and a Prayer hall which will accommodate more than two hundred people.

10. Associated churches and Ministries:

Our Associated churches and ministries are all doing well. Brother Shivakumar Samuel has been aquitted in the Conversion Case pending against him.[He was caught giving away Salvation Tracts to Strangers in a village. Danalakshmi, Kamalamma, Chickathayamma, Deepa, Gowramma as well as other widows convey their greetings and thanks to you both. Messiah Missions will stand steadfast helping the widows and orphans and reaching out villages for the Lord of Hosts.

We are with you in the Lord’s vineyard and battle against the foes My wife Thankamma stands with me to say hello to you both. Many hugs and kisses from us.  Special Hugs and kisses from Manasapriya ”the black angel” [hi hi]

Sincerely yours,

Your brother in Christ,

John Mohan

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