GEOM 2011 December Report

Dear Friends! Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ,

Thanksgiving: We are so grateful to our Lord for the work, progress and protection whole of the last year. Although there were some crises and problems but we kept continue the Lord’s work and achieved the set goals and targets partially. Some of our friends know that in 2011, we faced some extremism/terrorism and got some attacks from Muslims…in result of that our entire office things got burned/destroyed including evangelical literature. But Thank God all our people remained safe. Due to some security reasons we never make any F.I.R to the police station but just prayed for them, so that they may confess and repent from their sins and ask forgiveness from God. Then we got a new start from home…

Street Evangelism: Evangelistic team under the supervision of Evangelist Paul David did their work hard and spread the word of God from Multan City to Peshawar city and cover almost 88 big and small villages, towns and cities.

Our goal was to distribute 3000 Bibles/New Testaments. But we went up to 2284.

  • Bibles =1088
  • New Testaments =1196
  • Miracles of Christ =1689
  • Proverbs =1955

Follow up Team: Follow up team under the supervision of Pastor Naseer did a very good job and followed up almost 345 people from gentiles, who were hungry and thirsty for the word of God. Follow up team saw good interest in many of those people…they had very good discussions with them. We need to pray that their interest may develop more to bring them to the Lord for their salvation.

Church in Kashmir: Church in Kashmir faced some problems also, our pastor from there came back due to some threats from terrorists…but the people there looking forward to have their pastor back, they still strong and keep on praying that the situation there may be ok soon. We also need to join hands with them. Pastor Naseer is keep in touch with them. He is visiting there once or twice a month. We are committed to continue serve God there.

Mini Bible School Practicing of G-12 Model: Thank God for Pastor Victor John who is blessed with the G-12 Model. He brought it from Philippines last year and he taught the G-12 Model in our mini bible school. All our leadership team learned this model. It’s very beneficial for our entire leadership to plant new churches and even in our street evangelism programs. 29 people were kept on attending our mini bible school in the morning and evening classes during the last year. We are expecting more this year. We need to pray for Pastor Victor John to keep continue.

Church Planting and Rehabilitation of Dead Churches: Pastor Shakeel Anwar and Pastor Younis Avaiz focused on new church planting and rehabilitation of dead churches in the remote and backward areas. They did make four visits in Faisal abad Chak Jhumra Cheecha Watni, Narowal, Gujranwala and their surroundings and rehabilitate five dead Churches. They did plant a new Church in Rawalpindi city too.

Help the Helpless Students: During the last year we did help 21 needy and poor students regarding to their school fee, uniforms, books and stationary. Five of them were deaf and dumb.

Charity Work On Christmas 2011: To share the love and blessings of God on Christmas Brother Francis distributed grocery and clothing in 25 poor and needy families…they were very happy to see the practical love of God.

New Step in Ministry at Rawalpindi Station: We were praying to make some new ways to reach out the people from remote and backward areas. Thank God we get started a girl’s hostel for college and university going female students at Rawalpindi…Our purpose is to accommodate the girls students from remote and backward areas and provide them day to day needs and share with them the love of God to bring them to the Lord. Though it’s a hard task but we are committed to do that. It’s just a start and we have just few girls from remote areas. Need to pray for more…..

Income and Expenses: In 2011 God provided us Rs.289684.00 = US $3255 as a whole from all our donors, friends and families. Our expenses were Rs.310755.00 = US $3492 as a whole.

We are so grateful to all our friend and ministry partners who joined their hands with us for the glory of God. We are looking forward to keep continue partnering God.

Prayer Requests:

  • Evangelism / Follow up teams.
  • New Church planting project.
  • Converts Church in Kashmir.
  • Winter Evangelical Campaign in Murree and it’s surroundings.
  • Deliverance of 4000 Bibles/New Testaments this year to gentiles.
  • Needy and poor Christian students.
  • Literature and transportation needs.
  • Financial support for team members.
  • Girl’s hostel.
  • Mini bible school.
  • Present country condition.
  • Before I myself was keep on doing all the office work but due to my busy schedule and field work now its hard to maintain office things…so we are looking forward to have an office administrator to maintain office work well.

Please keep us in your daily prayers and for the further information you may contact with us. Thanks, God bless you all.

In the Lord,


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