GEOM April Update, 2012

Dear Friends!
Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanksgiving: Dear Brothers and Sisters the secret of blessing and prosperity is the prayers of righteous people! Thank you for your prayers and support continually. Really it’s a big encouragement for the whole evangelical team. We are looking forward to have more prayer partners around the world. The month of April brought challenges as well. Few of team members got sick due to some viral infection. It caused of having some stomach diseases and throat problem and fever….Pastor Victor was the one who got affected badly but now by God’s grace he is stable and busy serving God as per his schedule. Though the situation here is against the work of God but we have the same passion and commitment to serve Lord. Please continue prayers…

Street Evangelism: This month our target for street evangelism was the G.T Road Jhelum to Gujranwala area there are many other big and small cities, town and villages in-between and its surroundings. Thousands of people have been touched by the word of God. Many of them have been delivered the Bibles, New Testaments, Miracles of Christ, Proverbs and some other small tracts. We were able to deliver the following literature.

  • Bibles =196
  • New Testaments =203
  • Miracles of Christ =281
  • Proverbs =315

Follow up Team: Pastor Naseer led the follow up team and went to NWFP to visit some tribal seekers. They were excited to saw the follow up team…since last few years they had been received the word of God from our evangelical team during the street evangelism. They had some confusion and some questions into their minds regarding to the son of God, change of script of the word of God and the 2nd coming of Lord Jesus Christ. Thank God for the follow up team who gave the satisfactory answers of their questions and along with that they had they opportunity to share the word of God in the right direction. After making many long discussions they got satisfied and now by God’s grace they are willing to read the word of God with more interest and regularly…we need to pray for more of their hunger and thirst for the word of God, so one day they may accept Jesus as their personal savior…..

Church in Kashmir: The situation for Kashmir Church still not smooth, it’s looking hard to send back the pastor there. But for the time being we are keep on visiting for twice a month. This month pastor Younis visited there for the encouragement of the assembly there. Need to pray to save this fruit for His glory so the work in Kashmir may increase through these believers. Therefore we are worrying and taking interest for the encouragement of that church…because all the families in that church are converted.

Home Cell Ministry: Regarding to develop the G-12 approach and home cell ministry, pastor Victor and Pastor Shakeel had the one week evangelical trip to Faisal abad, Chuck Jhumra and Gujranwala cities and it’s surroundings to encourage our pastors and leaders to adopt the G-12/Home Cell Ministry to grow rapidly. The experiment showing that the G-12 model is the fast growing model around the world that’s why now we are also keeping on encouraging adopting this ministry. This is the part of our mini Bible school. And it’s helping us to have many new leaders in different areas to plant new Churches…need your prayer encouragement.

Summer Campaign: In the month of June we are looking forward to have a summer campaign. During the summer vacation some college students are excited to take part in the summer evangelical campaign. In this campaign we will reach out Peshawar to Sukhar area and delivered the word of God (Bibles, New Testaments, small tracts and some other literature related to word of God) to gentiles. Thank God for their enthusiasm and interest for His glory……we are requested to please keep our team in your special prayer, so we may achieve the set goals and targets….

Help the Helpless: Allama Iqbal Colony is one of the poor Christian colony, situated in Islamabad. More than a thousand poor Christian families are living there as slums. People who lived there have no proper job and living hand to mouth without any health and education facility. Last month I and Pastor Victor were being invited to see the situation there. There we had the opportunity to see and listen their problems. They have many problems like hunger, thirst, unemployment, health and education. We are praying and looking forward to help them in health and education. There are thousands of kids without education but there is no school and health center for them.

Prayer Requests:

  • Evangelism / Follow up teams.
  • New Church planting project.
  • Converts Church in Kashmir.
  • Deliverance of 4000 Bibles/New Testaments this year to gentiles.
  • Literature and transportation needs.
  • Financial support for team members.
  • Mini Bible school.
  • Present country condition.
  • Evangelical campaign in summer vacations

Please keep us in your daily prayers and for the further information you may contact with us. Thanks, God bless you all.

In the Lord,
GEOM Team.

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