Feb. Update & Urgent Prayer Request from Pakistan

Greetings in the name of Lord.

We are blessed to have fellowship with you and those faithful with Messiah Missions. We thank you for being so kind to us and thank you for all of your love and concern with the God’s work in Pakistan. Hoping you, your family and the ministry is going well there.
Sorry for being late to make you reply. Focusing on my business is always a matter for me but anyway thank God for using me for His glory. I always try to keep in touch with your and your partners so the communication gap may not be happen.

I would like to inform you that the Lord is answering the prayers of His people to build peace in Pakistan, in response of that, in these days our government is taking a serious action against the terrorists throughout the country. The military forces of Pakistan are keep doing a big operation against the terrorists. It bringing a challenge for us too because in result of this operation we are also under more threats now. Day by day we are receiving threats from the terrorists, even a few days ago some terrorists made an attack on myself and Pastor Victor while we were doing evangelism. Three terrorists came to us with weapons, they became angry with us and shouted upon us to intimidate our work. They even harm my car and broke the glass of my car. In the mean time, many people came together around us where the terrorist could not insult us further.

After this incident we called a meeting of GEOM team and decided that for the time being, until the operation is going better, to stop street evangelism for sake of safety and security. Along with that we also made request to all the team members to pray, so the Lord may open the doors and make the ways for evangelism in Pakistan. The team is committed to do more but for the time being we have stop doing evangelism work, hoping soon for rehabilitation in the area.

Please keep us in your prayers. We are greatly worried about the Christian School because the school is also under radical threats. March is the last month of the academic year. In March the classes will be changed and the new session will be start. Meeting the expenses of new year is also a big challenge for us since Messiah Missions cannot help with our children programs at this time. Anyway, we are praying to have more financial blessings for the Christian school.

The team extending greetings to you take care, God bless you all.

In Lord,
Paul David

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