June Report from Nanjangud

Dear directors, prayer partners and well-wishers of the Messiah Missions gospel evangelism ministries in India.

We greet you all in the name of the lord and savior Jesus Christ who told, “Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed and shall have no doubt in his heart …he shall have whatsoever he saith.” mark 11; 23


We want to report first about the outreach gospel and evangelism ministries.

Mostly pastor John Mohan and his wife go as a team for gospel and evangelism outreach works. Other teams are Brother Shyam Samuel and Basavaraju they go in Nagarle area and Brother John Roy and Brother Mahesh they go in Hosalli area. Pastor Thampy John Daniel and Brother Francis they together go for outreach in Puthen kunnu, Asarippadi, Chirali and Thoduvatty areas of Kerala and Brother Satish Chandra Naik and Suresh Chethalayam they go in Pulpalli areas.

Pastor John Mohan and his wife found many opportunities to share gospel in Hullalli, Heggade halli, Gandhi gram, Belale areas. One Mr. Johny heard the gospel very eagerly. He is a Catholic church-goer; Catholic church goers can not be told as believers and do not know about the Son Of God. He knew only about St. Mary, (confession to the priest= Kumbasaram and kurbana taking bread and it will be a round biscuit and no wine is given to the Almay’s that means attendees to the Mass). I am escaping from the word believers because they are not believers. But Johny was interested in knowing the Gospel, remission of sins, salvation experience. He has two sons Toney and Robin but both of them are good for nothing fellows dropped out from schools and roaming here and there. A good worship brings prosperity to your family, nominal worship means you will not get blessings upon your descendants. Next Johney introduced us a person called Benny which is planting Ginger in the nearby fields. Many laborers were also working there and it reminded us the picture of Boaz and Ruth in the Old Testament. Actually Old Testament is revealed in the New Testament and New Testament is hidden in the Old Testament. The Salvation which we get only through the Blood of Christ and the Church which will be formed by Christ is main subjects of the entire Gospel. We started early in the morning so we did not take food but just we took parcels of food and we ate our breakfast in this place called Hegde Halli. Next we continued our journey towards Hullalli and went to very poor people and prayed with them.

Vimala covets your prayers as she has no issue. She was married five years ago with a lad of the same caste and has no issue till date. And she wants a child now. Rekha another woman which was her neighbor remembered Pastor John Mohan as he was visiting her Native village in Chamaraja nagar 12 years back. That time she was saved and given in marriage to this place called Hullalli. She has a son both of them listened to the gospel. Vimala believes in the Lord Jesus Christ and I am drafting this report on the Sunday Evening and these two women came to the Sunday worship service with another woman and again prayed for. She dedicated herself to the Lord and been converted.

Again we proceeded and there we found a woman called Gowri. Gowri lives in a hut with her goats and her husband is a drunkard. She also committed herself to the Lord Jesus Christ and she will start attending the Church from the mid June.


We could visit the Regional Cancer Center and talked to the individual persons and comforted some people. One person called Kishore got converted and lives for the Lord Jesus Christ. We gave away tracts for Knowing god, the way to God, new Testaments and other books. The condition of the sick people is critical. Even small children report pediatric cancer in these days and the parents find it difficult to find their living as well as medical facilities for their children at the same time. Brother John Roy and Shyam Samuel used to visit the KRISHNARAJA HOSPITAL. A person called Siddharaju has been healed from multiple diseases and has been attending the church. Though he confesses Christ, we are not in a hurry to baptize him because he is the only person which is a believer of Christ in his house. He is married and the spouse also wants to attend church but because of the long distance he is the only attendee. He comes to the church as a pillion rider with Shyam Samuel. Other Hospitals we visit include the government Hospital in NANJANGUD TOWN.


Our children are growing in physical, mental and spiritual realms. Our Sunday Schools are conducted in [1] Ashokauram where Anu, Anitha, Sangeetha. Daniel, shivarajanai and Vinutha come and attend [2] Shriramaura where Lavanya, Durgaprasad, and Manasariya attend. Manasapriya is put in College and other our girl students are in school level. [3] RAJAJI COLONY , where Ambika, Ramya, Jeevan, and Immanuel used to attend (4) Shankerpura Sunday school consists of 30 children including Kumari, Lakshmi, Pallavi , Shobha and C Gowramma . In the meantime to say C.Gowramma successfully graduated from the Mysore University in Economics and has been appointed clerk cum computer operator in a Private Concern. So our children home children also getting placements when they grow up.


The young widows are counseled to find their living on their hands and stand on their own legs . But older women like Kamalamma and Dhanalakshmi and Chickamaniyamma , Deenamma and Rangamma are supported with meager amounts. They are devoting themselves for the prayer and the word of God. Especially intercessory prayer is encouraged and highly benefitted. Many people approach us for intercessory prayers for their needs, their ailments. In our morning, evening and fasting prayers we used to pray for these prayer requests.


1. Our Nanjangud central church had some damaged asbestos sheets and they were exchanged with new ones. The cementing of the floor is not completed though we have 10 sacks of Cement we could not get River Sand because for some technical reasons.

2. The adjacent land is made available for the children work and we are thinking of putting permanent sheds there using cement bricks for walls and asbestos sheets for roofing. We will not put thatch buildings because antichristian people will torch it and it will be gutted in fire. Since children will be inside, our condition will be critical. So we are doing like this.

3. We are hiring good auto rickshaws every now and then for transporting materials as well as taking food and snacks to the kids clubs. It costs us more and we suspect the drivers may spy on us our whereabouts. Especially going for water baptism. It may be used as an ambulance in times of need if some eventuality occurs in case of children or of widows. It will be helpful not only to the ministry but also for the community as a whole.

4. Salvation tracts and books purchased made available are almost finished so we need more Salvation Tracts and New Testaments. A New Testament given away to a person or family is more useful than a mere Salvation Tract. Now that we understand that doing salvation ministry and winning of souls is the sole remedy for church growth and for the meeting of the needs of the pastor or evangelist.

Thanking one and all for the continued donations and also for the fervent prayers and useful counseling we remain and we especially thank the Director for the concern and cooperation in the Gospel evangelism works in India. Especially the fuel support is very encouraging when we go for gospel evangelism outreach ministries.

Thanking once again,
With brotherly hugs and shaking hands,
Pastor John Madanmohan
Shyam Samuel and Brother Paul Ayyappan

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