May 2020 Report From Pakistan

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

During the month of May 2020, We organize 25 home church prayers meeting. We reach to one hundred and fifty male/female with the light of hope, one hundred and thirty food package to our Brickyard, gypsy and lockdown family, Facilitate two hundred children with food and school/educational stationery in our two ministry center, organize ten-day free medical camp for brickyard families in the surrounding area of Toba Tek Singh, we facilitated three hundred male/female with medicine and organize twenty Sunday school services in each family and maintain social distance because of covid-19. We share the book of John with our Three hundred children. We organized Bible reading meetings in our LOTC and SJPS centre and share the Good news from Bible.

Pray for Peace in world and Peace in Pakistan during this COVID-19.

1. Inauguration of Branch office REAL Foundation Toba Tek Singh

We are thankful to Father Simon and Father Asif from Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Toba Tek Singh that they accept our invitation and came to the Inauguration of Branch office REAL Foundation Toba Tek Singh in 25th May 2020. The Mubarak Abad Colony have 82 five marla polat in four streets and almost 160 christian families are living. This colony has one School named St Peter’s high school. This is my school where i study from childhood to matric. The Catholic Church is the owner of this colony land and the St peter’s school.

2. Covid 19 Relief Food package Toba Tek Singh

We distribute food package to twenty poor families. They are working as sanatory workers, home, road and street washing. They are happy to receive the love gift during this lockdown. They receive it with cheerful smile.

3. Covid 19 Relief Fund for Eid-ul-Fitar Chak 375 JB Masitian

We share cash payment to our Muslim brethren during their festival (Easter)Eid-ul-Fitar. We distribute cash payment to our eleven orphans, ten poor, three widow and three handicap children. The cash payment is 1000 pkrs for widow and paralyzed, 500 pkrs for orphans and poor. Please pray, share and possible support to us. We shall appreciate your prayers, love and support at this time of need.

4. Covid 19 Distribute Cash Payment to the Poor, Widow and orphans

We support ten families. God has blessed us with cash payment and we give 3000 pkrs to each family. They are blessed and thankful to your love gift. We invite oldest widow as a chief guest, her name is Nazira Bi-bi, age 82, she widowed since 37 year. She live in my neighbor. We owner her that she distribute cash payment to widow and orphans children. The reason behind it. I have visited my home town in 22th April 2020, I seen that people have food like grocery store things, rice, noodle, flour, cooking oil, but they have not milk for babies. We do not have packed milk customs in Pakistan, we buy fresh milk that came from diary. I seen that dairy milk man came in street and give milk those have cash money but he refuse to give milk those have not cash, then i rely because of lock down that widows and their orphans children and other orphans children have not access to milk and fresh vegetable. So, I called to my group member and town community leaders and shared with them that I have heart for my orphans, widows and i wish to give them cash money, so at least during this lock-down they have access to milk and fresh vegetable. They agreed with them, So, my team and community leader selected thirty widow/orphans family, who have not cash money, so we give them cash money and cheerful smile, so they can buy milk and vegetables. In this video/picture, we distribute cash money to ten widow/orphans family. Please pray that God bless them with comfort of their heart and soul. In Jesus name Amen.

5. Covid 19 Food Relief Supprt to Brickyard Christian family at Gojra Pakistan

God has blessed us with twenty food package for twenty family here, and also for thirty families belonging Bhil and Koli Minorities. Flour 5 kg,suger 2 kg, rice 2 kg Beans 2 kg, 2 kg cooking oil, tea 100 Gram, Salt 1 kg, Red chilli 300 gram, 1 soup. This 4 to 6 family members can servive for ten day with this food package. Pray that God bless us with more helping hands to share the joyful smile.

6. School Stationary for Poor Children Chak 375 JB Masitian Gojra Pakistan and Chak 376 JB Bassi and Pwana Gojra Pakistan

God has blessed us with school stationary, bag and books for about 110 children. We distribute it with our children at given location. They are very happy and say thankful to God that God has blessed them with school bag.

7. Least of These Centre Pakistan

We are thankful to God that God has blessed us with food to our one hundred and ten children. They are very happy to receive the food and they eat it and thankful to Almighty God. We are thankful to God that He blesses us with this chand that we teach our children about Biblical education. We read the book of John during this month. Blessings! children are thankful to your regular prayers and support.

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Team of REAL Foundation Pakistan

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