Spiritual Growth in Pakistan – July 2013

Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ,

Present Country Condition:

After so hot summer now we have a pleasant rainy season but it has its own challenges like heavy rains causing flooding and destructions of properties, lives and crops. GEOM team is committed to keep working in every situation for His glory.

A Gypsy’s Project:

Thank God for the Evangelist Akhtar, he has passion and burden to serve God among the Gypsies. He is committed to run an education project for the Gypsy kids. He and Pastor Victor made a survey from Islamabad to Gujranwala G.T. Road, 200 KM by Motor cycle just to know where and how these people are living. They have visited many Gypsy camps and saw many people and knew their thoughts. Health, education and vocational education are their basic needs which they don’t have. Even these people have no concept to have these facilities. Need to give them awareness and in this way we can share the love of God with them so they may have the eternal life.

Street Evangelism:

The GEOM team had the opportunity to serve God in the province of Sarhad again (Cities Peshawar, Akora Khatak, Noshehra, Pabbi, Tarbaila,topee, taxla, Wha and sorroundings), and the following literature has been distributed:

  • Bibles = 145
  • New Testaments = 165
  • Miracles of Christ = 199
  • Proverbs = 239

A Faisalabad Trip and Some New Discoveries:

Pastor Naseer and Pastor Victor went to visit the Faisalabad division where we have Pastor Zafar with two assistant Pastors serving in the brickyard companies’ people. Pastor Sabir and Pastor Yousaf are serving in the rural areas. The team had evangelical meetings and a seminar on child evangelism arranged by the pastors there. Pastor Victor and Pastor Naseer were the teachers and preachers in these programs.

It came to our knowledge that Pastor Sabir and Pastor Yousaf both have gift of healing and authority over evil spirits in the name of Jesus. Many non Christians come to them with their sicknesses and evil spirits and got healed. Follow-up team spends five days with them and sees their work. They said that they have some 80 non-Christian families in their contacts that they are serving and sharing the love of God with them. We encourage them to go ahead and they are committed to continue. All these pastors have transportation problem to serve in the remote areas. We are praying and looking forward to have motor bikes for all of them.

Pastor Zafar and Pastor Yousaf have small pieces of land donated by some people for their Churches but there are no buildings. They are praying to have buildings in those places.


This time Pastor Samuel came to visit Rawalpindi. He told that his work in Kashmir is in progress; he keeps reaching out to the gentiles and the church in Kashmir is growing more but the hurdles are still there. We need to pray for him and his family and His work over there.

A Water Baptism Ceremony:

On Sunday, July 7, 2013, ten people from Pastor Naseer’s church received the water baptism at Rawal dam Islamabad. Before the water baptism we had a praise and worship meeting. Pastor Victor gave them some teaching. Pastor Naseer and I gave them water baptism. People were so happy to have the water baptism. Then by July 14, 2013 we had the special celebration in the church. We gave food to the whole church. Looking forward to have more people to be saved in the name of Jesus.

Church Planting:

Praying for Pastor Shakeel to have a proper place for his newly planted church. Church is growing but there is no place for worshiping God. The church is growing. We thankful our lord for this encouragement.

Charity school:

In the 1st week of August the summer vacations are going to finish and the Charity school will be open again. We keep looking for a cheaper rented building and staff. We are praying and looking forward to have some permanent donors for all the school expenses. Pray for the kids so they may not get lazy to come to school and also for the new enrollments.

Help the Helpless:

Thank God for Imran Ahmed, He is getting better day by day. He and his family are very happy now.

A few days ago a big mishape happened with a poor family from Pastor Younis Church. They were living nearby a stream, a heavy reain caused the stream to overflow and their 14 year old boy became a victim of the flood. They were able to find his dead body after two days with the help of some rescue groups. GEOM team visited that family too and along with the condolences the team helped them out a little bit financially. We need to pray more for that family in their crucial time.

Prayer Requests:

• Evangelism campaign on 14th August (Independence day)
• Evangelism / Follow up teams.
• Multimedia for charity school and mini bible school.
• New Church planting project.
• Converts’ Church in Kashmir.
• Deliverance of 3000 Bibles/New Testaments this year to gentiles.
• Needy and poor Christian students.
• Literature and transportation needs.
• Financial support for team members.
• Mini bible school.

Please keep us in your daily prayers and for the further information you may contact with us. Thanks, God bless you all.

In Lord,

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  1. eden  August 9, 2013

    Praise the Lord, for the battle is His and He will not fail. God bless you more brothers and sister in Christ! Praying for you all.

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