Rev. Mohan’s October 2011 Report

By the grace of God the gospel evangelical ministry of Messiah Missions in India is going forward and growing in North and South.



As a central church, the Nanjangud church is growing and new souls are added the fold. One Mr. Yaseen which is a Moslem youth and his wife Pooma came running to the Mission House since their only male child seemed in a very critical condition. Doctors showed heir bare hands and their only hope was some faith and a word of Prayer. Our missionaries prayed for the child compassionately. After half an hour the child opened its eyes and and the parents seem to hear some goodnews. Our missionaries shared with them the good news of salvation.

God is a good God. He never wants us to suffer and perish. But since the first parents Adam and Eve disobeyed God and rejected His word and joined the Devil, the Human race is eligible for being partakers of the Satanic curse, suffering an Eternal Death. The HUMAN RACE NEEDS A SALVATION FROM THIS CURSE AND DEATH. God sent his Prophets to guide the human race and save the people. Because the Prophets also were born of flesh and blood and since sin was in them they could not be successful in gaining victory over flesh’s pleasure and therefore it happened that they also were defeated by the fear and power of death.

So God sent His son to save the mankind. His name is Jesus. Since Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit, He could control His flesh and He fulfilled The Father’s will suffering pain in His human body. Since the son of man tasted death He could come out defeating fear and the power of death. Whosoever believeth in Jesus Christ, now receives pardon for his sins and thus out of the danger of the curse of both by Adam and other ancestors. Thus he is out of the danger of sin’s curse and Death’s hell. Since Abraham pleased God, his descendents are eligible for Abrahamic blessings. Since we become his descendents by faith through Jesus Christ we can receive the Abrahamic blessings through Jesus.

Mr. Yaseen very eagerly listened to the goodnews of Salvation and blessings he gave his heart to the Lord Jesus Christ and received Jesus as personal Savior and Lord.

  1. Our associated churches in Goripalaya pastored by A V Raveendran,
  2. Kushal Nagara pastored by K J Mathew ,
  3. Hunasur by Baby Hunasur,
  4. Yambarahally by Christopher,
  5. Gokere byBrother Samuel Narayanaswamy
  6. Chickaballapura by Brother Vasu
  7. Handuvanahally by Brother Samuel Shivakumar
  8. Thoravally by Paul Siddaraju
  9. Anjipura by Brother John Siddappa
  10. Hullally by brother Andrews Basavaraju are also growing in number.

Many times we could not help our co-workers anything except for meeting the house rent and traveling expenses. They find it great difficult to both ends together as the believers are
agricultural laborers and daily wage workers.



The widows who are in the believers fold and the destitute women by coming to the faith need to be cared for.

Presently such women are:

  1. Kurimari Kamalamma
  2. Huchumayi Kamalamma
  3. Chicka Madevi
  4. Danalakshmi Unni Krishnapanicker
  5. Naomithai Reguvel
  6. Gowrithai
  7. Deepu and
  8. Narasamma

Gowramma started a small business by Rs. 1000/- supplied by the MESSIAH MISSION [PASTOR JOHN MOHAN] and she has found a honorable living presently as she is getting a recent income daily from the roadside shop she is undertaking presently.

Hema underwent Cutting and Tailoring course of Training and she finds a decent living through stitching cloths.

Nevertheless these two give to the Lord as much as they can and encourage other young widows also to stand on their own legs so that they may be role models for others to join Jesus.

Another widow, Mrs. Sarojini, went to be with the Lord as she was very old but did not lay on the sick bed.



Our children ministry was the pioneer ministry as it was started in a pioneer field when there were no contacts. We can not leave this ministry because many lives are changed and transformations are seen in these centers. We provide Free Tutions for the school going children in the age group of 6 to 16. We provide the children sports materials for out door games. They are playing in the evening for one hour daily because there will be a sound mind in a sound body. We provide emergency medical care for the children and one precious life was saved in last January first week through our intervention. The child Prajwal was affected with Pneumonia and was suffocating for life. But presently the child is good health and the family is happy in the Lord.


  1. Ashokapuram headed by Rajeshwary
  2. Srirampuram headed by Rekha
  3. Shankerpuram headed by Miss Gowri
  4. Devaraman halli headed by Hema Saragur
  5. Rajaji colony headed by Miss. Ambika Murugesh
  6. Mogaralli headed by Ramya Kaladaran
  7. Devaramanahalli Hundi headed by Jothi Kumar
  8. Prakash nagar headed by Deepa Samuel
  9. Halalli headed by Mahadev and
  10. Channadaya pura headed by Praveen kumar

The leaders of the centers are provided with an Honorarium every month besides their traveling fare is met with. As the Lord leads we want to provide the children evening snacks every evening at present this system is occasionally. Rupees 400/- is needed for providing snacks to the children of one center with a roll attendance of 30 children.

It is our earnest desire that we appoint a Full time nurse to care for the health of these children. In every center 30 to 35 children are admitted and it seems that the services of a full time Nurse is necessary to look after and care for the Little Flock. Rs. 2500/- [Rupees two thousand and five hundred only] is demanded by A local Nursing Diploma Holder to attend to the cause. We can not appoint a unqualified hand for this cause as it is the matter of children health. Since Karnataka is ruled by religious fanatical people which
targetted Evangelists and Pastors and demolished churches 3 years back, we do not want to take/give any chances.

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