Sharing God’s Love in Indiana

God is doing great things with Messiah Missions! All of you know very well that so far we have been working with pastors and evangelists from far away. Well, now the Lord has been opening up the doors for us to work locally – in our own backyard, so to speak!

One of these doors is Good News Ministries in central Indianapolis. They serve adults and children living surrounded by –and sometimes in the middle of- high-risk lifestyles like gang life, drugs, abuse, broken families and in total poverty.

We at Messiah Missions sense God’s call to support Good News Ministries in their work to provide the children with a safe space to do homework after school, a warm meal and Bible study every day.

In light of this call, Johanna has had the opportunity to start tutoring in Spanish a young man named Mark. His level of Spanish is low compared to those of his classmates in the new school he attends. He has been fortunate to attend a new school thanks to a scholarship he has been granted. His grades are of course a concern for him.

During this work, we have also seen one adult tutoring about 15 little students, which reflects the urgent need for qualified adults willing to help young students who don’t have anyone else but the team of good-willed volunteers.

We also had the great opportunity to join 40+ children and a couple staff members at a Spring Break outing at Cool Creek Park in Noblesville, IN. Again, we saw how the team extends themselves for different tasks – all for the glory of God.

If you are touched to help with this cause or others we serve or represent, please consider volunteering and/or coming along side either Messiah Missions or directly with Good News Ministries. Options include tutoring, mentoring, medical services to sharing the Gospel. There are all kinds of opportunities where we can put God’s love into action. You never know how that love may transform a person’s life forever!

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