December report from Nanjangud, India

Dearly beloved in Christ, Greetings in Jesus name which told, ”Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28: 19)

I thank you for the donations sent sacrificially from your part which help us very much in supporting the servants of God, children work, outreach evangelism supporting the widows and the destitute and church works. It is a great help to us and the other servants of our God Jesus to continue in the will of God and in His commitment. The fuel allowance will boost evangelism efforts and meeting remote villages with Compassion Outreach to the Destitute.

I am very sorry to state that brother Thampi has been hospitalized after an attack on him by communal elements. He was hit on the chest and has been admitted to the Medical college hospital in Calicut. They have referred to the chest diseases hospital in the same compound. My medical knowledge tells me he may develop a TB patient here after, but God will heal him. He has wife and three male children and only one is living with him presently. One boy is in Kottayam 200 kilo meters away and one boy is in a Bible school. I will have to go personally next week.

Evangelism in Karnataka

In the villages we work in four point formulae. We preach Christ is the crucified Savior the only son of God who came to earth to save sinners is the only true and living god is the answer to all the problems of man today facing. We use guitar, Cimboral and other instruments for singing songs and preaching, one person giving testimony and another person preach from the word of God.

We provide salvation tracts and booklets and New Testaments and sometimes Holy Bibles also to the seekers. We provide snacks and biscuits and gather the children and speak to them about the love of God.
We conduct regular prayers here in the villages as follows work.

Four persons were converted because of this visits and house meetings. Our co-workers say Pastor John Mohan who is experienced for many decades in the ministry and still working should baptize the converts. Maybe next month we will be able to baptize these converts.

We have another public meeting arranged for the 7th of December. We have already booked the Public hall. We have invited a preacher from outside. We have sought Police permission to use mic-amplifier in a public place.

Our Messiah Missions missionaries go to villages almost daily to meet the rural folk and tell them the Good News of salvation. Some villages are very far from the all-weather roads but the souls are valuable. So we walk miles and reach villages. In Karnataka also such villages are there. In one village when our missionaries went one person had withered and he was prayed for and he was healed and he called us to his house wanted his wife also to hear the good news. Then our missionaries with some school teachers went there because that was a local holiday.

We preached the good news and told about the Love of god in Christ to put all our sins on Jesus Christ and he died for our sins and we will live believing in Jesus. 2 Peter 2:24. Then they brought a lame boy who could not walk. Our missionaries prayed and the lame boy began to stand up and walk. I think he is not fully healed any how he can manage for the present time. Please pray for the continued healing.

Please pray for the other villages our missionaries are meeting and visiting the people, such as,
Indira nagar

A Gospel Meeting Was Held In Nanjangud Town

By the grace of God, we conducted a gospel meeting in Nanjangud Town. The meeting was held on the Saturday the 7th of December 2013.

A banner was tied to welcome the gathering and arrangements were made in such way that the believers and seekers from many parts of Karnataka will arrive on the morning and go in the evening of the same day because accommodation is a problem in growing towns. Nearly three hundred people gathered for the meeting. At 10 o clock, pastor John Mohan prayed and brother Jayasekhar led the people in a couple of songs. After that pastor John Mohan welcomed the gathering and the preacher was held in a traffic jam and was late for an hour. So pastor John Madan Mohan took time and preached about the need for preaching the gospel:

1. Preaching gospel is announcing the will of god for mankind. John 3:16
2. Gospel is the command of the son of god to his disciples. Matt. 28; 18-20
3. Gospel is the power of the Holy Spirit in witnessing. Acts 1:8
4. Gospel is the answer to the cry from hell. Luke 16; 27—31
5. Gospel is the necessity laid on the believer. 1 Corinthians 9:16; romans 1:14
6. Gospel is the way of salvation given to all men. John 3: 17

The chief guest Pastor Prabhakar preached that whoever saved will get double portion of the blessing from the heavenly places. Since he was a singer also he sang some nice songs in English as well as in Kannada language.

During the altar call 20-30 people came forward for prayer. A delicious lunch was served to all the people who attended the meeting by buffet system. Vegetable biriyani curd curry and sweet also served. After noon session was conducted and mainly prayer and felicitations were there at that time.

Tea and snacks were served while the delegates began to go back to their respective villages and houses at 5-30 in the evening because the next day being Sunday worships and prayer meetings will be held in some other parts also.

One of the developments is that the owner of the building Mr. Jagadish was very interested in hearing the gospel and prayed the sinner’s prayer. As per his request we have changed our venue of worship to the cinema hall (no feature film is being screened there presently).

Certificates Given Away For The Girls Of Johanna Ray Tailoring School

The girls are happy and may God bless them more and more. Hema Saragur got first rank in practicals and second rank was given to Asha Siddaraju .Third Rank got Yashoda , the success story teller. I have sent her success story earlier she was deserted by her husband and she has a girl child of 6 years old. They thanked MESSIAH MISSIONS and its faithful partners for the help in getting this free training and the skill which is going to help them in all their life time. Except Asha Mahadeva all others already began to stitch clothes of their own design. May God help us to train more young people in the future. Usually half a dollar is paid for stitching a jacket (a top garment of women). Once again I thank you for the donations sent on behalf of the workers and all other beneficiaries.

The guitar also is mostly used and we are improving learning chords and singing with people.

Sincerely in our Lord Jesus Christ And His Mission,
Brother John Madan Mohan

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