February Report from Ministry in Nanjangud, India

Greetings in the ever-powerful name of Jesus Christ! “He sendeth forth His commandment upon Earth; His Word runneth very swiftly.” Psalms 147:15

I am happy to inform you that 1000 copies of Messiah Missions’ book “Finding the Balance In World Missions” in the Tamil language have reached our National office in Nanjangud from Sivakasi which is 12 hours away from Nanjangud. Sivakasi is the printing hub in Tamil Nadu. All the bills have been cleared and there is no debt in this regard.

Another mighty thing that the Lord did is we got all praise from the Pastors of Sivakasi.  They had gathered in good number to release and dedicate the book to the glory of God.  107 pastors gathered for the ceremony of the release of the book in Tamil. Pastor John Elango presided the meeting. Pastor Moses, the oldest pastor spoke about the ministry and the man of God. The book we pray is going to boost a breakthrough in the Evangelism and Spiritual Revival In India.  Almost more than 80 million people speak Tamil Language in India and abroad.

Pastor Isaac presented the first copy of Ulaka Suvisesha Oozhiyangalin Orumaippadu Kanka (Tamil Version of Finding the Balance in World Missions) to Pastor Moses. Pastor John Mohan, Messiah Missions Representative in India, gave copies of the book to some of the other pastors personally. A vegetarian meal was served to all the persons gathered for the function.  All the glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.

By the grace of God our Messiah Missions’ work is growing as the Lord strengthens us to work among the poorest of the poor in India as the Lord has anointed us to preach good news to the poor.  As no other main line churches or Mission Organizations tread the ways we go to deserted people groups and tell there is a way out to all their problems and that is Jesus Christ, the crucified Saviour and Risen Lord.

We receive good response from the hearers of the Gospel, though we work with wisdom as if to avoid unwanted problems. We praise God for providing us with Mission’s own calendar for the Year 2016. It will go to all the Pastors, believers’ houses and well-wishers and prayer partners’s houses.

We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the continued and strong leadership our Director. We thank all the prayer partners and supporters as well as generous donors in this  God’s will ministry  and request continue co-operation .
Grace and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your brother in Christ,
John Madan Mohan

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