October News from Headquarters in Nanganjud

Dearly beloved Donors, and Prayer partners, Greetings to you in Jesus name, which is above all other Names!

It is a fact that this Name has a impact in the believer for generations! That is why King David told to his descendants, This God is our God for ever and ever. He will be our guide even unto death (Interpreted from Tamil language) (Psalms 48:14).

Messiah Missions Continues to Grow Despite Setbacks

After all these controversies and misunderstandings occurred and the persecutional prosecutions arose in India and Pakistan putting together the South Indian, Central Indian and Pakistan ministries knitted together apart from going astray proves the ability of the spiritual leadership of our International Director. His commitment to the achievement of the pavement in the Great Commission and spreading of the love and compassion of Christ Worldwide is duly appreciated here in the Messiah Missions family members of India.

It is our prayer that our Good Lord Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven may continue to provide good health and Grace and Peace to our International Director and His Sweet family. Let us expect great and mighty power of God will help us to reach the unreached and saturate compassion and love divine to the destitute millions around us and the Peace that passeth understanding to the troubled lives of the Christ less masses lost without hope when already a Saviour has been bled in their place and finished the eternal salvation process.

Pastor Mohan Returns to Ministry after Surgery

A second opinion surgery was needed for our Missionary in India, Pastor John Mohan. He was hospitalized in Bharath Hospital and Institute of Oncology in Mysore city on the eighth of this month and he was operated for Metastate Pappillary Carcinoma, on the 9th of October. Presently is back in the Messiah Missions’ National Headquarters in Nanjangud. After a brief rest for Poly Vinyle Drain Period, he is back in the Office as well as in the field. Since this is the Day that the Lord has made for Good news, if we are silent and wait, punishment will be upon us. So we have to do right in the time left before us.

Finding the Balance in World Missions Missions Manual

Many Pastors and evangelists were happy to receive their copy of the book in the Malayalam language. Some said it has what to do and what not to do in the Theology of Missions. Some say it is timely to publish this book as the postmodern consumerism is swallowing the commitment of the called ones and the professing ones.

Wherever Christian workers gather one of the topics for discussion is these missions guiding book. Recently a unity meeting of the all Pentecostal Pastors gathered in Kottayam, the Academic Capital of Kerala State in India. Pastors from the Assembly of God, Church of God, The Indian Pentecostal Church of God and some other Independent Church Pastors also gathered. A request came up as to introduce the Academic Missions Book in Malayalam should be released and introduced in this part of Kerala and all Pastors agreed. Then the copies of the Malayalam Version of Finding The Balance In World Missions (Aagola Suvisesha Praverthanangalude Santhulithavastha Manassilakkukka) were brought and the book was introduced by the Reverend Pastor Ravi Mani, one of the largest congregations of the Assembly of God churches in Bangalore and also commended by Reverend Pastor Jose, a Malayalam church Pastor in southern Kerala Region. Many of the Pastors ensured their copies in their hands.

Since all the printing cost had been generously met by our Director, the books are distributed in subsidy rates and no pastor or evangelist who is interested denied his copy because of monetary constraint. We expect long lasting impact in Indian Christendom, especially in the Mode Operandy of the Evangelistic pattern and Mission outreach methods because of the providence of this book and our donors are requested to please support ex-gratia for the outcome of the forthcoming versions such as Tamil, Telugu and Hindi in the near future as the time is running out and the signs of the Coming of the Messiah are on the Threshold.

Advancement Report

Our brothers from Orissa report that many new hill tops were reached recently and 15 people received baptism last month. Our brother Biman upadhyaya telephoned that three new villages received Christ in Singhrur area in the Bengal Region. As mentioned in the last month’s Report, sister Saroja, daughter of Neelappa our elder in the Messiah Mission’ s church in Gadag got married to an evangelist on the 15th of October. In Sulthan battery a girl of 15 year old was baptized in our Church. Brother Andrews Basavaraju’s mother has been hospitalized for brain tumour. She needs the fervent prayer support of God’s people. Three new families are added to our Central Church in Devaramanahalli Village this month in the reported period. We are anticipating putting 4 windows to the church building as renovation within the end of this year for this building.

By the generous and sacrificial support of Messiah Missions donors, the church building received permanent electrification and also a second hand Honda Power generator for outdoor gospel outreach. Our outdoor Gospel Evangelical Team has an Electric guitar, three round tamarin instruments, one portable speaker system and remote mics.

But for us the Joy of the Lord is our Strength. The commitment for the Cause of Christ is our Sacrament. We continue to thank our Director for the wholehearted strengthening guidance, leadership and support. His family for the time they spent for the enrichment of the work here and also all the Donors who do their part for our master’s sake to hear from the Lord, “Truly I say to you whatever you have done to one of these least ones of my Brethren, You did it to me!” (As told in Matt.25:40)

May God bless you richly and shine His face upon you!

May Grace and Peace Continue.

Yours in our Lord’s Vineyard,
Loving Brother John Mohan
Bro. Shyam Samuel
Bro. Andrews Basavaraju
Brother. V. Murugesh and all other Brethren here in Messiah Missions Headquarters in India

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