An Update from Indiana

Messiah Missions is noticing markers pointing toward Angola, to assist those seeking hope through a man of 30 years field experience. Also a move toward local outreach is shaping. Many are victims of job and home loss, who have lost everything and now live on the streets. There are also many street children, living anonymously in desperation. After praying to the Creator about our lack of substance to move into these areas effectively, huge donations suddenly come from unexpected sources, further validating the course. For a number of years now, Messiah Missions has not failed to be consistent in meeting our commitments, whereas this IS the Creator’s work, in the name of the Son. We cannot make it work, and it is those who in faith of this work, donate because they respond to the prompting in their hearts. It is our partners who complete the vision. If you eat well, sleep warm, and have a complete experience, you may feel a tug to help those who have nothing. Please move in step with your heart, even God’s whisper. Contact us at if you want to help or learn more!

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