Messiah Missions Toba Tek Singh Ministry Presentation

By Asim Saddique


My name is Asim Saddique. I was born on 14th of Dec 1985, in a family who believes in Christ. I am a citizen of Islamic Republic State of Pakistan where the dominant religion is Islam. I am Christian since my birth. I mean that I was born in a Christian family and have been connected with the Christian Community since then, attending prayers and worships. I have been learning about Christ, His life and about His sacrifice for the whole world since I was a child. I used to perform in Dramas about Christ’s life, help the people when I could help them. I loved Him very much from my whole body and soul. But, frankly speaking, I loved Him because my parents told me to love Him. It was not a spontaneous love or love from my own heart.

And with the coming out of age, I started exploring things which were not the same as were told by my parents, community and the church. I discovered that I should understand Christ in my life that how he works in my life and what does He wants me to do. These were the things which I always heard God speaking to me and I then I started exploring in my life only one thing: “What does He want me to do.”

I won’t say that there is only one incident that changed my life and I felt Jesus Christ in life. But one thing that inspired me to get on what God wants me to do is the Suffering Christianity over here in Pakistan. Yes! Almost all the Christians are suffering from discrimination, hatred and they do not get equal rights and status as the Majority of Muslims get. Christians are discriminated to a stage that they can eat with the same Dishes or drink water with the same Glass as Muslims do. In hotels and restaurants they have kept special cups and glasses and dishes, which are in bad condition, for the Christian. In some areas, barbers are not ready to shave or to cut hair of Christians as they think that we may contaminate their things.

It was then, that I heard from God what I was waiting to hear from Him since long. He spoke to me, “Go and save my people”. By then I has grown my faith with the experience that He is the alone provider to the whole world. He has been helping me in all fields of life and has been providing me all what I needed. And this thought changed my life entirely and drastically; that I decided to pay Him back what I have in store for Him and exactly speaking what He had given me to store for Him. Now, I decided to go practically find out ways how I could help people.

I would visit the Christian families and learn about their difficulties. I found many people who were victims of discrimination and prejudice from Muslims. I also found in the meanwhile some Muslim friends who appreciated me working for Christian Muslim harmony. I also learned that Christians were not given their civil rights. And some of them were killed on the false charge of saying bad things about Mohammad – the man whom all Muslims follow. I had been praying to Him to tell me how I could help people. After praying a lot I could only hear Him saying: “Go and serve my people.” The word serve was more important to me in my faith in Him.

In the meanwhile my father passed away when I was in matriarchal year of my studies and came back to bury him. Now again the family needed me to come back from my formal education but my mother helped me to stay strong and she helped me with all possible help she could render. My mother had been working as house maiden in the houses of Muslims to make both ends meet for the family. She sold her gold earnings to pay the fee for my studies. I was never told in school that my mother goes to the house and washes clothes, does the dishes, mops the floor. Some of the other utensils were sold to pay off my fee. Wooden Chest for keeping the clothes, fan, sewing machines were sold to make me able pay off the fee.

But much more than that was love of my mother. She suffered a lot to make me able complete my studies and other my real brothers and sister. In addition to that, my elder brother stepped in to take care for the family. He left his education incomplete and started working for the family. I believe that he is a great blessing for me. Without his supporting the family of ours, I would not have been able to do all what I have done for myself and what I am doing for other Christian community and the needy children.

Now I vow it as my testimony that God has created all the circumstances so that I may be able to understand His will. In my testimony I would like to thank my mother, my brother and my father who had been great help for me. “I love dad and I love mummy.” You had been a real great source of encouragement for me. Dad, Mother, Brother, I am weeping now at this time when I am writing to this statement in thanking your all love, care attention, you do not know that I am weeping; but the tears in my eye are for thanking you all what you had been doing for me.

The principle driving force behind the way my faith has grown and deepened over the years has been an intellectual desire to learn and understand more about God, the Church and the faith that was becoming increasingly more important to me. It was important when I became a Christian, and is still important, that the faith I was accepting and growing into is intellectually tenable; particularly in relation to the dream that I saw in December 2004. This desire for learning has been fed largely by reading a large number of books, study of Scripture and discussion with other Christians of all traditions and with the help of my mother. Nevertheless, despite this strong intellectual element in my faith, there is a large component of my faith which is more than just intellectual, I have in a way that cannot readily be expressed in words a real and vital personal relationship with God. It is the combination of the intellectual credibility and personal experience of God that has maintained my Christian faith through the years.

R.E.A.L (Rural Education and Leadership) Foundation

This organization is raised up to work with orphans, disable children, rural areas children, and the extreme poor who cannot afford to pay their education expenses in Pakistan. We work with enslaved, brick kiln workers, sweeper, widows and paralyzed. We provide them with donor sponsored nutritious food and medicine whenever God persuades the international Christian family to help.

1 – Donor Sponsored Urdu Bible
2 – Donor Sponsored formal education for the needy children
3 – Donor Sponsored school uniforms, school bag, books, note-book, school stationery
4 – Donor Sponsored nutritious food for school and center children in lunch time.
5 – Donor Sponsored nutritious food for enslaved, brick kiln workers, sweeper, widows and paralyze.
6 – Donor Sponsored support to help pay the burden loans of brick kiln workers, enslaves families.
7 – Donor Sponsored support for the adult/teenager to continue their higher education in university.
8 – Local counsel and Christian advocacy of persecution families.
9 – Donor Sponsored medical treatment who are poor, persecute and deserve.
10 – Donor Sponsored emergency and disaster relief if funding is available.

Project: “Spread the Word of God”
Location: Toba Tek Singh & Gujra, Pakistan.

We are spreading the Word of God in Toba Tek Singh and Gujra city of Pakistan. We are visiting village to village, town to town, door to door and Christian families who slave at the brick kilns. We give them a donor sponsored Urdu Bible that they can read and share with their neighbors and relatives. One Urdu Bible cost us some: $5.50 USD and shipping charges $2.00 USD. Total we need for one Bible $7.50 USD. See, how many desire souls to receive the water of eternal life. Currently we need 470 Urdu Bible. It will cost us 470 x $7.50 = $3,525 USD

Activities include:
1 – Donor Sponsored Bible gift for Pakistani Christian families.
2 – Evening Bible Class at Saint James Primary School. Time: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
3 – Provide Administrative assistance for two local Church with ongoing monthly support.

We also provide Donor Sponsored food to church members who belong to enslaves and brick kiln workers families and other denominational church who are in Toba Tek Singh and Gujra city, Whenever God provide us.

Project: “Least of These Center”
Location: Toba Tek Singh & Gujra, Pakistan.

Located in the rural area between Toba Tek Singh and Gujra, we provide food, education, medical care, clothing and shelter for approximately 150 children. We assist as God provides us means through donor support. Currently, we care them during a full day and provide for them food and Christian education. Monthly food provision and education cost for 150 Children currently costs us $2,100 USD

We receive few donations; therefore we can only feed the needy children when God provides funding. We provide formal and biblical education every day, despite few donations. We support our three teachers with the essentials who give time and attention at the “Least of These Center”.

We have request to you that please pray for our “Least of These Center”. That God blesses us with our own formal education school building in this ministry area named Gogumal City in Gujra. We have option to get building for rent too, if funding is provided. Currently we are organizing the “Least of These Center” in our relative’s home.

Project: “Saint James Primary School”
Location: Toba Tek Singh & Gujra, Pakistan.

We are providing Donor Sponsored formal education, Biblical studies and lunch for our 75 orphans, street, poor, enslaves, brick kiln workers and sweeper’s family children in village 375 G/B Masitian, City Gujra. We are using school building for church service as well.

Activities include:
1 – Formal education and Biblical studies
2 – Lunch
3 – School uniforms, school bags, books, note books, school stationery, shoes
4 – We provide essential support to our 5 female teachers.
5 – Biblical Adult Education along with Bible Class in evening

We need your prayers and support for our 75 orphans. One child formal educational and Biblical studies expense is $60 for one month. A child can be greatly blessed by you and your great love and support. Total Cost for 75 Children Education and Biblical Education expense for per month: 75 x $60 = $4,500 USD. We do not have regular monthly base donations for our St. James Primary School. We receive sometime from our brethren to fulfill the most urgent needs in our school.

In His Love,
Asim Saddique
Rural Education and Leadership Foundation, Pakistan

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