100% of Your Donation Goes Directly To Those in Need

Donate to Help the Poorest of PoorWe have no rent or overhead expenses, no payroll, and no insurance costs. All operational costs are absorbed by volunteers. Messiah Missions is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Donations and contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

While there are many organizations providing spiritual and physical support for the destitute, we support many of those overlooked locally and internationally. Only 1% of global donations reach the people in the areas Messiah Missions serve, whereas the 10/40 zone as it is called, receives only 3% of the world mission efforts. Due to the harsh climates, disease, remote locations, the religious and political dangers, few are willing to travel, much less establish works in these areas.

Only $10 USD can feed a child for one month!
$120 USD to $180 a month will fully support a national missionary or church pastor, including family and ministry expenses. 

Your gift of any size will feed a street child, help an indigenous evangelist share the Good News among their tribesman or provide for a suffering soul who may be part of a persecuted church family, or help to the survival of orphans, the widows, and the sick in such Christian communities.

Messiah Missions routes donations to the ministries we support through safe and proven methods. Accountability of each location supported is carefully monitored by visitations from third party observers and installed region partners.

Donate Through PayPal

Please consider using the Paypal link here to make a tax-exempt contributions. If you have a Paypal account, the donation has no fee if you choose “gift” during the process. Credit cards incur a reduced 2.2% transaction fee due to our not-for-profit status.

Please remember that if you are donating to a specific ministry, you should earmark your donation for such ministry during the donation process.


If you wish to donate a similar amount monthly or yearly, please use the following link for recurring payments through Paypal. 

Amount Options

You Cannot Use PayPal? Other Options to Donate

If Paypal is not possible or undesired, the ministry’s bank account through PNC Bank, provides wire transfer facilities to simplify the process of transferring funds for annual memberships.  Partners within the United States can use the ABA/routing numbers provided below.

Domestic Wire – Up to 24 Hours for Processing

Receiving Bank: PNC Bank
PNC Bank ABA (Routing Number): (email for number)
Address of Bank:  4100 W. 150th Loc 01-5138, Cleveland, OH 44135
Organization’s Name:  Messiah Missions, Inc.
Organization’s Account Number: (email for number)

PNC Bank also provides international wire transfers. Routing numbers are used to initiate domestic wire transfers, while a special code is designed, known as Swift Code which is used for international wire transfers. The bank is a member of both CHIPS and SWIFT, organizations which facilitate international funds transfers.

International Wire – Up to 7 Days for Processing

Receiving Bank: PNC Bank
BB&T Swift Code: PNCCUS33
PNC Bank ABA (Routing Number): (email for number)
Organization’s Name:  Messiah Missions, Inc.
Organization’s Account Number: (email for number)

If you have any doubt contact Customer Service: 1-800-762-9473 (1-800-PNC WIRE).  After completing the wire, please email servant(at)messiahmissions(dot)org to notify us of your name and address (optional) to assure receiving a year-end tax receipt.

Xoom.com works very well for direct wire transfer, which only charges a $2.99 fee to wire directly from your bank account. Credit card payments via Xoom.com are slightly more expensive but also work for wiring internationally.