April 2017 Report from Pakistan

Dear Brethren in Christ! Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ! Praise God! We thankful to God that God has made this way that we all gather in His name and Praise Him. He has promised with us that where two or three will gather in His name, then He will presence. We feel His presence in our life by our fellowship. We thankful to Messiah Missions that they have made this way that we all together here and spread the Good news in entire world. With the director’s great passion of Christ, we are still connecting. May Lord Jesus Christ bless my Brother and Messiah Missions. God protect all the helpers and our brethren who are spreading the word of God in entire world, especially, who are persecuted by His Name. May Lord Jesus Christ be with them all.

During the months of April 2017, we have visited about 150 Christian families and share with them the Word of God and by the Grace of God, God has provide eighty Urdu Bibles, foods to five slaved, brick kiln families and school uniforms, shoes, foods and school stationary to our 150 children in Least of These Center and Saint James Primary School.


We visited ten towns in our city and where we Christian brethren together and Praise our Lord Jesus Christ. We arrange prayers meetings in our Christian brethren home. Where we call to our all brethren, who live near the place, they gather in one selected place and we share the Good News with them. They are warmly welcome us and share the love of Christ with them.

Bible Distribution

God has blessed us with the Word of God in shape of The Urdu Bible. The Urdu language is our national language. Many of our brethren can read only Urdu, So, it is great pleasure that God has blessed us with The Urdu Bible. God has blessed us with 80 Bible in our mother tongue. Believers of Christ are very happy and give praise to our Alive God that He has blessed us with Word of God in our own tongue. They thankful to God and now eighty family have their own bible. They are readying in their family and also sharing with their neighbours. We give a joyful noise unto God and thankful to Him for this amazing bread of Life.

Brick Kiln Families

When we reach to the Brick kiln yard families with the Bible and food. They Praise God and thankful to God that God has bless them with the Bread of Life and bread of live. They thankful to God that our amazing God is great and He is miracle God and He has blessed them with the foods of their soul. When They get the Bible and open it and start reading within a minute. During this month, God has provide us five food package for our five poor brick kiln families. They love you my brethren and thankful to your love.

Least of These Center

When we reach to our center named “Least of These Center” Children jumped with loud of lough and joyful cheers to see the Bibles, food bags and stationary in our hands. They are very happy to receive the school stationary. They have great little heart and it is filled with Love, joy and peace. They love to food and receiving the school stationary. They said to you my brethren. ” We love you and thankful to your great love. They are children of God. They love you and thankful to you and praying for you my brethren. We distribute bibles in the nearest christian families.
By the Grace of God, We are able to reach 70 children with foods and stationary in our Least of These Center and distribute the 40 Urdu Bibles in surrounding area of LOTC.

Saint James Primary School

During this month, God has provide the resources for The Urdu Bible, food and school stationary to our 80 children. We thankful to God that How God is hearing the cry of our little heart and provide the resources by you my brethren. Also, we distribute 40 Urdu Bibles in surrounding area of SJPS.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that God bless food to our Brick kiln yard and slaved Christian families
  • Pray that God bless us with one motorbike for evangelism.

Yours in Christ,
Asim Saddique

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