Report from Pastor David Fuentes’ Mission to Chile

On January 26, we flew from Washington, DC (IAD) in our third mission to Chile. For 7 days, we were presenting the gospel in different cities, like Santiago, Quillota, Arauco, Curanilahue and Lota, but our goal after that was to go and visit Chiloé Island. We have met a family, the Kachelles, who are eager to work side-by-side with missionaries to learn innovative ways to serve and spread the gospel.

There is a lot of need in the street of the south. Around Arauco we found many homes with family problems, some of the local people in need have tendencies to drink (a cheap, bad wine) without limit. When we were preaching the gospel in towns people come to accept Jesus and asked where we meet.

Continuing our trip to the south and accepting the invitation from “Kachelle’s family”, we started our trip to Dalcahue, Chiloé Island (about 800 miles from the capital). With a vehicle from our brother Nixon in Arauco, we drove about 9 hours to the south. On our way, we stop at Puerto Montt an visit “Casa de Acojida” a Sober living homes for addicts. Where we meet pastor Jezer Igor and his wife and 4 children, a family who transform their home in a place to help drug addicts, praise the Lord for that. We stayed for a while to preach and pray.

In Puerto Montt we took the ferry and crossed to Chiloé Island, and continued our trip to Dalcahue.
Dalcahue is another town of significant size and the access point to the islands in the archipelago. The Archipelago de Chiloé consists of several islands lying off the coast of Chile. It is separated from mainland Chile by the Chacao Channel in the north, the Sea of Chiloé in the east and Gulf of Corcovado to the southeast. The entire archipelago—except Desertores Islands, which are part of Palena Province—gives form to the province of Chiloé. The main island is Chiloé Island (Isla Grande de Chiloé).

As soon as we arrived in Dalcahue, we started our trip in a commercial fishing boat to Butachauque, Mechuque, Quinchao, Lemuy.

We left by boat from Dalcahue for two days to visit some other islands and found much need, we were inviting people to know Jesus Christ, visit their homes or talk to them in the street. We didn’t know if they already knew the gospel or not, but to our amazement there are still some islands where the gospel has not yet been preached. Other islands have a Catholic worship place but have not heard preaching for years. The religious spirit of the chilote is an eagerness to live, an essentially pagan exaltation, even when it is expressed through Catholic imagery. That spirit is the vernacular pulse of their land.
In Chiloé, death does not have that burden of unnaturality that it has for the city Chilean which forces him to live ignoring it, separating himself from it, changing the appearance of the cemeteries by the parks and, fleeing with panic of old age and old as these remind us of the sunset. On the contrary, the chilote lives with the dead; the dead never go away completely, they only move to another dimension of existence.

We left from Archipelago de Chiloe with deep sorrow and a great desire to return to continue preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Requests

• Teams are needed for extensive evangelism in cities such as Antofagasta, Santiago, Quillota, Arauco especially in the south of Chile where there is much need for change, changes that can only realize the power of God in many chained and oppressed by the devil.
• A full-scale publications ministry is needed to saturate the country with high quality printed material, designed specifically for the Chilean mind.
• We need to buy and implement a boat to bring evangelism to the more than forty islands that need to hear above the love of God.
• Bibles for those who do not have the possibility to buy one.

The division among the different congregations in Chile keeps them separated and largely ineffective. The active way in which we present the gospel creates jealousy, but those ones in need are coming to the presence of the Lord and receive the blessing. Blessed are the people who know the joyful sound! They walk, O Lord, in the light of Your countenance. Psalm 89:15

We left Chile on February 21, praying for our brothers who have known Christ, and asking God to give us blessings to continue working on the extension of the Gospel in the south of the world.

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

In the next 10 days (April 19th), we will be traveling again to Chile.

Pray for our travels and that many souls will be saved! And then, perhaps, God will allow us to report to you more names of New Brothers and Sisters. Likewise, I say to you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents. Luke 15:10


By Pastor Missionary David F Fuentes
Winston Salem, NC
March 2017 Report to Messiah Mission International

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