First 2022 Report from Myanmar

Greetings in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

It is wonderful that we can step into the new years, 2022 by God’s grace and mercy. We are so refresh with body and soul that it is a new day, month that God gives us to do His works and to live for Him. Our lives is in Him, our work is for Him too. God is the resources of all we have, we live. In this month, we experience God’s wonderful hands that leads us even if we face hardship and obstacles. As the church is His body, He is our head that leads us into God’s presence to please God’s heart. We are always thankful to Messiah Missions International for the monthly generous support through which God is wonderfully working in Myanmar for the gospel outreach.

We are still in the hardship because of the world’s crisis but we know that it is so near to us Christ’s second coming. We are praying and working hard for the gospel harvest while waiting for the coming of our Lord to take us to be with Him forever. It is amazing and wonderful that God’s peace is in us in time of such a painful crisis in the world. We know that God is always with us. The hardship can not separate us from the love of God and His mission work. Halleluiah. It is wonderful that Messiah Missions International also is with us to spread the gospel in Myanmar that people will know their savior and Lord.

Prayer meetings

Prayer changes things. Prayer is a kind of communication with the living God and letting him know about His mission work and ask for His presence. As believers, body of Christ, we always take time to talk with our Lord. Every Friday, we have fasting prayer meeting and praying for our mission supporters, Messiah Missions International and its partners that they will be more blessed at home and in everywhere because their generosity to us make greatly impact to the mission works in Myanmar to win the lost to Christ. In this month of February, we can have more than 20 time prayer meeting both on Zoom with the workers in the remote areas and gather in the same place.

Children Ministry

It is our humble honor to express God’s wonderful work through us for the children outreach. In January, we take two days a week for children. One day for children in the church and another day is children outreach for Non-Christian. In this month, we can reach more than 70 children in total. It is wonderful. God is working wonderfully through Messiah Missions in Myanmar. Some of the children express their faith and confess that they accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior and Lord. But according to the institution in Myanmar, the children can not be baptized. They are always controlled by their Non-Christian parents. We have great privilege to share the gospel to their parents through the children.

It is honestly confess that we can not reach the children as many as we can because of the sickness everywhere in February. The parents didn’t allow their children to come thinking that their children will be infected by the flu or sickness. But we are working hard as our level best for Christ. In this month, we can reach only 60 children in total. We hope that we can reach more children in March.


Before the flu sickness, in January, Tuesday, and Thursday are the days of gospel outreach to the lost. We take every opportunity to reach people and share the gospel that has power unto salvation. In this month of January, we reach as many as we can and distribute the gospel tract too. God opens many doors to approach with the gospel. God strengthens us, empower us to reach people with the gospel. We reach more than 70+ people with the gospel. It is amazing. We praise the Lord for it.

In February, even if we aren’t mostly welcomed to house visiting because of flu and sickness happening in Myanmar, we find out the way we can reach people with the gospel. We can distribute many gospel tracts and share the gospel. Many people interested in the gospel but we are take time to follow up them. We reach only 80 + people with the gospel. It is to praise the Lord for it.

Prayer Requests

(1) Pray for the peace of Myanmar.
(2) Pray for the safety of the people of Myanmar.
(3) Pray for the lost souls of Myanmar to hear the gospel message.
(4) Pray for the Bible Training School in Myanmar.

Thank you so much for your generous support for the mission work in Myanmar to reach out the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yours faithfully,
David Ling
Messiah Missions International (Myanmar)

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