August 2021 News from Myanmar

Hello, dear Pastor,

Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is my great joy to send you the Newsletters for July. The situation of Myanmar is not getting better after the military coup. And then, because of covid-19 third wave, many people died. Many great leaders in the Christian ministries in Myanmar went home. We are so sorry for this hard time for Myanmar. Now because of the great rain, there are many flood in many regions of Myanmar. Many families lost their houses, things. Now because of Covid crisis, we are not allowed to gather together more than 5 people. But we have opportunities to share the gospel. We are so blessed with your help, support and prayer. These are our strength and energy in the ministry. We are always thankful for your partnership and support for the gospel mission in Myanmar.

Prayer meetings

In the month of July, we can have prayer meeting more than 25 time and visiting to our friends or Non Christian’s home for prayer too. Sometimes, we have Zoom meeting too for prayer meeting with the workers from the remote areas. Until 15 of this month, we can visit to the people for prayer and sharing the gospel. As a whole, we can do at least 4 times a week for prayer meeting and home visit.

Sunday School

God is so good to us. He bless us with many children in this months. We can reach more than 70 children in this month in Yangon, Hlegu, Seikphyu, Tarlay. We provide special nourishment for Sunday School children and then provide stationary for the children who go to the school.


In this month, we can distribute 300 gospel tracts in Burmese. God bless us and we can reach more than 350 people with the gospel message. We can share the need of the people to show them the love of God in us. We always share them the Love of God and redemption of Christ. Some are so interested in the gospel message and some want to take more time to hear the gospel. What a redemptive gospel!

Prayer Requests

(1) Pray for the peace of Myanmar.
(2) Pray for people of Myanmar.
(3) Pray for the safety of the people of Myanmar.

In His Service,
David Ling
Messiah Missions International

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