End-2009 Report from Messiah Missions India

Messiah Missions USA, dear families in Christ,

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ the coming king who will judge the quick and the dead. I always want to shake hands with you and say hello to you since I knew your heart burning for Missions. Our lord gave us the great commission of missions before he took up the Heavenly Chief Priesthood. We are here to work for the Master and fulfill his vision for the lost world.



The pastor was not well for the couple of months and gave way for a New Team of Executive Council (shown in photo):

  • Rev. N. Vijayakumar B. TH President
  • Bro. John Roy B Sc. General Secretary
  • Bro. Shyam Samuel Treasurer.

Please bless us and continue to cooperate with us. The new Executive council met on the Sunday last and resolved unanimously that the Fellowship with the Reverend Steven Ray and the supporters of Messiah Missions will continue and all the projects and ministries will get on without any hinderance.


Despite discouragement and false propaganda by communal forces, and religious fundamentalists, Messiah Mission Churches grow in Number and souls are added daily [Act.2:47]. The new congregations added to the fold are Pastor Satish KumaHe works in a place called Angadisseri. Ezhavas, a dominant hindu caste group is in majority in this village. This church planter was working brother Suresh babu in Chethalayam village. But since he wanted to start his own ministry he went there. The Lord leading he committedly went to the village and started winning souls. now within a span of three months he has a congregation of 50 people and a good Sunday school consisting of 30 children.

Pastor Nagarajappa and his work in LINGAPURA

Pastor nagarajappa could have done as a merchant in the Shimoga market and could have earned millions of rupees. But as soon as he was converted he had burden for his peoole as the bible tells.””You will be my witnesses in jerusalem , and in all Judea and in Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” [Act. 1:8] He along with his wife went and preached to his Lingayath and Veerashaiva people. Many people persecuted him and opposed him because the Lingayath people are the most dominant people in this region.but now that every week 60 people gather together to worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth. 40 children gather here for sunday school.

Pastor Harish in Manjunathaq Nagar

Pastor harish is a convert from a caste hindu group. He went to the Bible School in Bangalore in 2005. After 4 years of Bible school and Graduation he committed for starting church planting ministry in manjunatha nagar, and he has won 70 souls so far. His wife sunitha is the daughter of Nagarajappa and they have a female child. Sad to say is the female child is declared mentally retarded by the doctors and we are continually praying for the child. We expect a miracle in the new year.

Our new president Rev. N. Vijayakumar

He comes out of Davangere district which is the manchester of Karnataka. There are scores of cotton mills in this district. Hailing from a Reddy family, he had the access for the political progress and government service. But he thought for the better reward and an eternal property than his ancestral property and dear ones and came to Chamaraja nagar District and started full time ministry. As soon as establishing a ministry he came in contact with the MESSIAH MISSION OF INDIA FELLOWSHIP.

Rev. Vijayakumar joined it as a member in 2007. being a Graduate of the Karnataka Theological College , Mangalore, he will be a good leader in spiritual sphere and his rich experiences and Biblical knowledge will be a boon for the growth of Messiah Mission of INDIA fellowship in South India. He is married and his wife Annapoorna is pregnant now. They are expecting their first issue in 2010. May god bless them a male Baby. [EXODUS. 20:4,5]

Evangelist JOHN ROY B Sc the new General Secretary

Actually, the president is supposed to be presiding over the meetings of the Trust and the General secretary is vested with the responsibilities of looking after the correspondence, contacts, bank dealings, mission attachments movable and immovable assets, etc. with consultation with the President and Counseling from the Executive Council. He is a Graduate from the Mysore Universit, a computer literate and a Young Evangelist who does not receive support from the mission funds is selected as the GENERAL SECRETARY. Being the son of our Mission founder, he will enjoy the cooperation of the entire mission patrons. Therefore I, John Roy will be drafting emails to you and brother Shyam Samuel will help me in the Accounts and distribution of funds.

According to the MESSIAH MISSION OF INDIA FELLOWSHIP rules office bearers of the mission should not receive monthly support from the mission, nor any form of remenuration. Being a registered Christian Non -profit organisation, it is not the person and it is the mission which is to be active and the Lord is the one to take all the glory.

I am happy I am writing to you through this email as you play a vital role in the upliftment of the ministry through your sacrificial supports. Your faithful donors generous supports have been such a blessing to us and I am sure that the Lord will richly bless you all, as it is written in proverbs: “A Faithful man will be richly blessed” PROVERBS 28:20.

AS YOU STEP INTO ANOTHER MONTH , I PRAY THAT THE LORD will richly bless all your peoples efforts in their business and ministry, and make it grow in leaps and bounds and make you all prosper on all in the four sides. Jacob called on the God of Israel and said,” Oh , that you would bless me and enlarge my territories” [I CHRONICLE 4:10]. And surely the Lord richly blessed him. I am sure that HE is the same unchanging God, yesterday, today, and forever and He will bless your people to progress more in the years to come.

With much love, regards and prayers,
Bro. JOHN ROY B Sc.,

General Secretary

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