Messiah Missions India Headquarters in Nanjangud

By Pastor John Mohan

Nanjangud is a pilgrim center for the Hindus. Big temple and the river called kabini make people throng here for the rituals. But many people have come forward to believe in Jesus in this place noted for witchcraft, black magick, idol worships and suicides.


India boasts hearing gospel 2000 years ago. But only 3 per cent of the people are Christians. Main line churches have stopped evangelism and entered comfort zone. But the need is still there. If the Lord Jesus comes today more than 100 million souls enter the eternity without hope. Nevertheless, True love and Holiness have disappeared from the Indian spiritual arena.   Messiah Mission India stands for true Love and Holiness among the Christian brotherhood, caring for the orphans, and widows and saturation of the Gospel in the Unreached parts of India.


Starting one Messiah Missions Center in all the states of India. Since Karnataka is a large state with non-Christian population we have put Karnataka as our Indian Headquarters. Karnataka has thirty thousand villages spreads across 30 Districts. We have established our presence already in 10 districts, thanks to the faithful support of Messiah Missions, USA.


The work of the Messiah Missions India are in the four-fold ways.

  1. PIONEER EVANGELISTIC WORKS: Native workers are striving forward for the saturation of the Gospel and and the believers are baptised and regular Sunday services are started. These Evangelists are trained occasionally but no minimum academic qualifications are required to become a village evangelist. An evangelist with family is always encouraged because First Missionary family on earth was blessed by God. Jesus also sent evangelists in even number. our evangelists are living in remote villages, where good drinking water is not available and conveyance facilities are limited.
  2. INDIAN MESSIAH MISSIONS CHILDRENS WORKS: Children are the gift of god for mankind. They should be loved and treated kindly without asking the caste, kind. language, and creed. So we conduct kids clubs. Poor children from the slums are benefitted. They are given bath, food, medicine, play things, kept safe and led to Christs love by showing the compassion of Christ by our deeds. 10 such centers are running by the young people in our congregation . We need to start hundreds of such centers throughout India. Many childrenfrom the age group of 3-16 came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ because of these centers. Since free tuition is provided , our center students excel in academic realms also.
  3. MESSIAH TAILORING CENTER: Since female suicide rate is very high and dowry harrassments are common we have started the center, so that girls and women can be imparted with the skill of Tailoring and earn their livelihood. We have only one center of this kind with two sewing machines and a Teacher. We need to start such centers in other places as well.
  4. MESSIAH MISSION OF INDIA FELLOWSHIP: Pastors and evangelists should come together and pray every month. They should shed apart their differences because we are in the Building work of the Walls of Jerusalem. Special lunch is provided to all the Christian workers who participate in this Intercessary prayer meeting Books, Compact Cassette Discs and Maps are provided to them for spiritual growth and weeping prayer for the nation.


  • COUNTRY ~ INDIA: The second largest populated in the World
  • STATE ~ KARNATAKA: The State where daily harrassments are acted against Evangelist. 118 Court cases are put against evangelists and 42 evangelists are behind the bars already.
  • DISTRICT ~ MYSORE: The ancient Royal City.
  • PROVINCE ~ NANJANGUD: Well connected by roads and rail to reach all parts of Karnataka.


We have an immediate need. Our youngsters are needed to be trained. We need to start a MESSIAH MINISTRY TRAINING SCHOOL where evangelists are strengthened in Word and Spirit. Systematic Bible Knowledge can be given. Since Pastor Madhan Mohan is very experienced minister and a Long time Bible teacher there is no hindereance in starting and running the ministry Training Center. Primarily 10 students are taken and a students expense is calculated at the rate of 1800 rupees ($40 USD) for the food, lodging, facilities, teaching expenses, and traveling to the destinations to practical ministry training.

Current pastor is brother John Roy who is married to wife Dhanya Mary, and has a 2-month old son, Joshua John Roy.

In Christ,
Pastor John Madhan Mohan
Neelakanta Nagar, Karnataka, India

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