Messiah Missions India – October 2012 Report

Dear brothers in Christ at Messiah Missions International, Greetings in our Master’s Name!

This outline expresses the current situation of our co-workers through Messiah Missions.

We need to pray for our co-workers time and again. Messiah missions pastors tread the paths of gospel where other local or international missionaries dare not to go. So they are put in trouble many times. I was beaten severly three times. In Devanahalli, in Narasimharaja Puram and in Nanjangud. By the grace of God we have our prayer congregations in all these three places. The director mentioned that the blood of the martyrs have been the seed of the Christian church. We do not believe in building big buildings for churches, we instead believe in building the living church on the rock of ages.

1. Pastor K. J. Mathew is located in Coorg, also known as the ‘Scotland of India’, and he is not free to going here and there. His house owner gives much problem to the evangelist whenever they worship in spirit and sound. The assembly can be noisy in the Lord. By the grace of God he is doing well but the congregation is not much encouraging, only 20 people are gathering here.

2. Pastor Biresh Paul Gouda is located in the town of Periya Pattana and a branch church is there in Maradala also. His two children are doing well .

3. Arun Hunasur has grown to an eight member congregation and he is doing well. His wife is a professional nurse and she is not going to hospital for work. But she is running a baby-sitting crush to help her husband in the evangelistic work.

4. Brother Suresh and his wife Mini are doing well. I have requested your prayer for Mini when she underwent key-hole surgery (laparoscopic surgery) for her chest pain. First when she complained of chest pain we feared it would be breast cancer. But after key hole surgery she improved her health and the work there continues. Her son Sam is the college for under graduate studies and her second son is the High school.

5. Brother Satish is going to new villages in the Tribal belt of Wayanad. Since he is from the Scheduled Tribe he has access to enter villages where some of us are called trespassers. Winning own people is good but many time we are not repected as servants of God in our hometowns. His Bajaj C T100 motorcycle vehicle is in good condition and Messiah Missions donors are also supporting his missions for the fuel.

6. Brother Christopher is in Karahalli presently. 30 member congregation has swelled in to double up to 60 presently. Though he did create many problems for me, I never look to him in that way. But I love him as Saul turned Paul and a good co-worker. His wife Retnamma is unchanging then and now. She is a prayerful woman and considers me as father and my wife as own mother. Unfortunately her own mother and father never come to Christ.

7.Bother Sam Narain is in Devana Halli and he has occupied a small house in Gokare village 3 kilometers away. He is very uncomfortable after his daughter’s marriage because his son-in-law Amaresh Swamy is not getting a suitable job to look after his family. We also could not help Amaresh Swamy because he wants a Government Job and High salary. We supported 10,000 rupees for the marriage because Sam Narain has been with us for many years. I only baptised him after his miraculous healing from leprosy.

8. Brother Vasu is also heading a congregation in Chickballapur. This place is 55 kil meters from Bangalore City and 30 kilometers from the Bangalore International Airport. But he is not supported by us regularly because he could find out an attendars post in the Local SVT College.

9. Brother Shibu is in Narasimharja Pura in Chickamagalur District. 30 people gather there for Sunday Worship. They worship in a rented place an the people are fishermen and women. Actually this is a backwater of Badhra reservoir.

The important understanding is all these congregations were started by Messiah Missions initiation, except for one or two who have grown through our efforts. I have asked the leaders to come and look after the construction of the Messiah Missions headquarters building from time to time. That means one person or two will come and pray over when a work starts or being completed.

But I never allow my son John Roy or any of our other workers to oversee these works as administrators. Because some of them such as K. J. Mathew are much more elders and experienced in the Lord’s work. He knows only the local prayer cell churches around Nanjangud town.

Next month I will write about the children congregations.

Pastor John Madhan Mohan

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