MMI’s May 2010 News Report

Dear Messiah Missions,

Greetings to all of you in the Life giving name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Because He lives we can face tomorrow in this world which is full of chaos and uncertainty.

We want you to know about the MESSIAH MISSIONS of INDIA work done in the land where more than 100 million souls die without knowing the Real Savior Jesus Christ.

OPEN AIR PREACHING: By the grace of God we have a gospel team Consisting of Evangelist Shyam Samuel, Evangelist Samuel Shivakumar and Brother Reguvel Nanjunda , His wife Naomi Nagamma Pastor madhan mohan and his wife Thankamma John are the members of this Gospel Team (see photo below). We are visiting villages, stand in group in front of the village school and begin to sing praising songs and Gospel Songs. When people gather together, we proclaim ”JESUS IS THE ONLY ANSWER TO ALL YOUR PROBLEMS. RENOUNCE YOUR COW GOD , THE MONKEY GOD AND THE SNAKE GOD AND COME TO THE FATHER GOD THROUGH JESUS’.

Many time we were chased away from the villages and two times Pastor Madhan Mohan was beaten up by the Anti-Christian elements. We never bother for filing complaints against the miscreants. But we used to pray that the enemies would repent and come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The New Testament Church did not pray for skipping away the persecution, but they prayed for His sufficient grace to stand fast in the burning fire of persecution.[NOW LORD LOOK ON THEIR THREATS AND GRANT YOUR SERVANTS THAT IN ALL BOLDNESS THEY MAY SPEAK THY WORD. ‘ ACT.4: 29]

Many villages hear the gospel at the First time. Many people come to the Lord hearing Jesus is the Only and True Savior. We give tracts and Booklets as well as New Testaments and Holy Bibles free of Cost to whomsoever wants to read. Presently we are giving booklets like: RAJU’S HEART, HE LIVED AMONG US . The problem is every time we go for team work we need to hire the vehicle which costs us Rs. 6 per a running Kilo meter.

FREE TUITION CENTERS: At least 40 per cent of the Indian population is children in the age group of 4-16 .This is a good age to put the seeds of God’s kingdom in the tender hearts. We have started 10 new Free Tuition Centers in which our volunteers help the children to play in the evening 4 PM to 5 PM and study their Lessons from 5 PM to 7 pm . We used to give a nourishment in between the Playing Time and Study Time. Outcoming case histories say that bad boys become good boys. Obstinate boys become obedient children and many of these children become the ARAMITE GIRL MISSIONARIES [2 Kings 5:1-3] while they refer their parents to get prayed by the volunteers or by the Pastors and Evangelists. We are praying to God for a small Honorarium may be paid for the Volunteers so that their immediate needs may be met with by this ministry. Among these are the adopted children of the Messiah Mission’s Steven Ray and these three girls do get new and used clothes, Umbrellas, note-books, pens, geometry boxes and spiritual fellowship. They are feeling they are blessed by knowing Jesus as their Savior and Lord in their lives. it is exciting to know that none of our children failed in their Annual Examinations. They are going to their New and upper classes from June 1.

MESSIAH MISSION CHURCHES are also growing in number and strength! Brother Shyam Samuel took charge of Hullalli Congregation. Brother Andrews Basavaraju is looking after the Anjipura congregation where we have two children works 2 free Tuition Centers. Brother Siddaraju is in-charge of Thoravalli work where the primitive people live. Tribals and most backward Scheduled Caste people live there. They lack houses, drinking water and sanitary facilities. Pastor Siddaraju finds it great difficult in reaching the villages because no sufficient bus facilities are available in this area. A Bicycle will not enough because 25-40 kms he would not be able to pedal the cycle loading his wife and Two children. Both of his children are kids in the ages of 3 years old and 1 year old.

Brother Shivakumar Samuel is working in Handuvanalli -Prakash Nagar Area and he is not expecting a monthly support presently. But all the other three evangelists are provided 20 USD each per month and this meager amount is not able to meet their both ends together. 50 USD per month will help them to get a sufficient – spacious Prayer Hall house and a living sustainable. Since the believers are very very poor they are not afford to provide a meal per week to the Missionary. Conducting Sunday Worship in a Believer’s house is also uncomfortable because all the members of the Newly Converted family are not believers.

Many a time we had a standstill for minutes until the members are convinced of the New found faith and New God of their parents. Nagararajappa of the Lingapura church reports self-sufficiency because his son is employed as a Teacher in a Local School. Pastor Mathew is released from the Jail and is back in his commitment to the Lord. Pastor Benjamin wants to take up a New Assignment in the Darga Area of Hunasur Taluk. He is waiting for the lord to open a door for a monthly support which will enable him to pay the travel and house-rent. Pastor Vijaya kumar is back in the field in Davangere Area after Pastor Madhan mohan is back in the office regaining his health. Being an experienced man of God his guidance we still need in the Messiah Missions Work in Karnataka.

SALVATIONS: In spite of all the Persecutions, Restrictions for the Gospel, it is reported from the fields that 27 people came to Christ through MESSIAH MISSIONS MINISTRIES. 12 of them took water baptism.


1) Priya, a 5 year old girl is serious. Doctors say she had stroke. Her left leg and left hand do not work properly. The child’s grandma brings the child regularly to the church service. She covets our prayers for the child.
2) Mr. Kalayya was suspended from the Municipal Office where he was working as a peon because he misused office money for personal use. Now that his daughter Shruti Salomi came to the Lord she wants God’ s people to pray for her Father may be reinstated in his job.
3) Praise God for all the communal oppositions in the Village DEVARAMANA HALLI stopped and the villages invite the evangelists to continue work there. Here we have a work among the children and the communal elements threatened us dire consequences if we continue to enter the village.

In our Masters’ Service,
Pastor John Madhan Mohan & Shyam Samuel

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