Pastor Mohan, December 2011 Report


We can not say the number in how many villages our Messiah Mission Missionaries are working presently. But I am proud that we used to go the untrodden paths to reach the unreached with the gospel.

Take for Example, Anjipura, it is 36 kilo meters away from the Nanjangud town and it needs 3 liters of gas to go and come back from the village. No good roads, animals share the habitations with human beings. We have a children work and an Adult Literacy Class here for the betterment of the people. Ever since Brother Paul Shiddaraju came to the Lord from the village we are actually proud of doing village ministries.

Yambarahalli, the farthest village from Nanjangud is 210 kilo meters away from our head quarters. Presently Christopher is working there. Nearly 50 people gather there for worship. The worship is in his house only. Gokare is also very far from here and the distance is 198 kilo meters . I have baptized eight people there and the local Pastor had baptized 30 plus souls and nearly 60 to 70 people gather there. Brother K J Mathew is working and going to the villages on either side of the Kavery River, the longest and the largest river in Karnataka. May be almost the number of villages may come from 250 to 300 villages in Karnataka state alone. The problem in working in the villages is the Caste system. The upper caste people are adamant in their rituals and they feel Christians are of low profile.

The Bike which was bought by the help of Brother Russel Durham and others is of very useful for our village ministry.

Used clothes given by our Brothers and sisters in Mysore area is also useful fore the remote villagers. Sumathi and Hema the Staff Nurses of the Nanjangud Government Hospital were of very much helpful for giving awareness to the villagers regarding “Prevent diseases by performing hygiene”. Medicines worth three thousand rupees were given freely to the ‘people who come for consultations on that day.


Personal evangelism has proved useful more than the mass evangelism methods. A seeker sits with the evangelist as a sinner and kneels down before the presence of God as a repented person. Especially this kind of evangelism we do among people who live in slums and temporary tents. They come after day long work and will find some time in the evening. Some of these male generation are drunkards but they do not make any problem to the missionaries. Nevertheless our missionaries talk to the passengers and passers by. A tract containing salvation message, a booklet in the vernacular language or else a New Testament will follow the personal talk to the seeker. Some communal fanatics used to shout that we motivate for religious conversion. But others find time to analyse their own lives and we have got phone calls and followup letters from the people who gave their ears to the Gospel.


Children are the promise of tomorrow. The largest ministry we are doing is among the children in the age group of 4 to 16. We are doing the children ministry in slums as well as in the remote villages. We have divided the children ministry in the Mysore slums into 5 Messiah Mission Children Clubs. Each club has 20 to 40 children. They are given sports material for out door sports and in the evening free tuition is given by the teacher arranged for the purpose. They are attended to their problems and they are encouraged to study well and they are guided to have a good character loving nature towards to their parents ,siblings and to others. Overall development of the children in their physical, mental, social and above all spiritual realm is the purpose of this method. Apart from these clubs children ministry is among the village children.

Many of the children are telling testimonies that they come to know the Lord Jesus Christ because of this clubs and children like Ramya, Kumari, and Sumitra have brought their whole family members to the Church because of these children ministries. Among these children it is our joy to tell Manasapriya, Kavitha and Visalakshi are personally adopted by our International Director Rev. Steven E . Ray. These children are growing in bodily health and spiritual grace. It is significant to tell this time that Brother and Mrs. Andrews Basavaraju is blessed with a male baby this year.

Brother and Mrs. Mahadeva James are blessed with a female baby last year but dedicated this year. Prajwal a one year baby had to die due to pneumonia in thi year January but through our intervention, after hospitalization and prayer that boy is living to be witness of the Love and compassion of God.


When Jesus Christ sent out His Apostles He gave them power to preach the Gospel as well as power to deliver them from sin, sickness and Demon possession. We are invited to places where to pray for the deliverance of people possessed with Demon power. In a village called Devasandra four women were delivered from Demon possession. One Mr. Mara was delivered from TB as we fast and prayed for him.


Our Evangelist are working with college students in the Karnataka State Open University premises. Students are given guidance in admission, getting loans and scholarships. Prayer groups help them to get communicated and guided in the word of God and the ways of God. Prayer groups on in the SJ Plytechnic, Jagathguru Engineeing College, Pharmacy College and in the nursing colleges.
Individual counselling give fruit many a time. To the outstation students we are authorized as the Local Guardians. Our works are on for delivering some students from Drugs abuse and Political Rivalries. New Testaments and Holy Bibles are provided to the students whenever necessary. Many first time decisions are coming and encouraging us.


Sometimes we may fall to selfishness and the only way out of it may be do something so that other people maybe benefited. We Messiah Mission pastors went and visited the Independent church in Perumanallur in Tamil Nadu for a Sunday and the outcome of was very interesting. when the people came o know that some of the aged Pastors are coming they turned up in good number. A good number of the people were saved . Many were healed. It was a good blessing to the local church there and the Pastor of the church brother Caleb and Brother Philip his associated evangelist are very happy and thankful about the visit of the Missionaries. Other churches we visited on Sundays include Pastor E L Johny’s church in Raigad and Pastor Mathew’s small congregation in which only below 20 people were there . But our visit was an encouragement for them. Pastor Koshy George’s church has been developed so much after our visit to the church. Pastor John in Coimbatore another church we have visited in this year is in a rented building in the heart of the town.


As we all know a good persecution is going on in orissa and also church in orissa is growing amidst persecution. Many young people are coming to the Lord’s work. They needed to be trained in the word and in the will of God . Pastor Bhiman and Samson malik are associating with the MESSIAH MISSIONS for the past two years. They arranged for a Advasnced leadership training for the young evengelists of the Raighad District Evangelists of all denominations and Pastor John Mohan and one another evangelist wenrt and preached the dynamic word of god and Trained them in the Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. Pastors Fellowship meetings are always held every month in Mysore . Fellowship Lunch and Bus fare is also arranged to all the evangelists who want to attend the meeting. Used clothes, Bibles were distributed to the evangelists so that they will take these to the remote villages and distribute to the needy people. These villages are very far stretched on hill tops and it is very difficult us to reach the remote villages as time is limited us for working in the states where riot is continuing. Since the civil authorities are talking only for the majority people we seem sheep for slain in their eyes. Anyhow these young evangelist were filled with the Holy Spirit of God. That power will help them to take this witnessing . In the near future we look forward to have Leadership Advance meetings in almost every state of India with average attendance of 50 young people.


Pastors Fellowships are held some times on a monthly basis or else occasional basis. In Kerala State it is conducted on a monthly basis in Tribal belt. They need good care because their education is limited and they have been humiliated for centuries. Some months see us in water baptisms. Recently Brother Saji and his wife took water baptism and witnessed the Lord during one of these Pastors fellowships.

But in Mysore only Pastors are invited and the time is mainly spent for intercessory prayers. In Tamil Nadu more than 40 ministers come and join us for the intercessary prayers for the nation. As the Lord has told, “IF MY PEOPLE , WHICH ARE CALLED BY MY NAME, SHALL HUMBLE THEMSELVES, AND PRAY, AND SEEK MY FACE, AND TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS, THEN WILL I HEAR FROM HEAVEN AND WILL FOR GIVE THEIR SINS AND WILL HEAL THEIR LAND”. Only a Holy Ghost revival will this land from witchcraft, corruption and idol worships.

A fellowship lunch will be served to all the Pastors who attend and traveling Expenses to and fro is met as they are living under limited living conditions. In the near future we look forward to have 100 Pastors in our Messiah Missions pastors Fellowships.


The ultimate end of the ministries each and all is to make a people for His name and gather them and make them worship the Lord Jesus Christ who has been slain and through His blood He has bought us and made us Kings and Priests and a Royal Generation before the Father. We have established church services in Chicka Ballapur, DevanaHalli, Kara halli, Gokare, NanjangudAshokapuram, Rajaji Nagar, Kushalanagar, Hunasur, Priya Pattana Chethalam and Anjipura. These places were untrodden places for the gospel and we began pioneer ministries which gave fruits and church services were established. All these places are in rented buildings and a good amount is given to the Building owners as rent. It is our desire that an own building we will have as Head Quarters in Nanjangud for which the Lord has given us provision of a Land of 1500 square feet in the Heart of the Town and the Land is already registered in our Missions Secretary’s name. Every Sunday Morning we worship in Spirit and in Truth for 3 hours. Sunday Schools are conducted every Sunday mornings. Every Friday find us fasting and praying for the nation to be healed and backsliders should come to the Lord and Nominal Christian churches should find a Revival.


It is e motto of the MESSIAH MISSIONS that widows should be provided food and shelter. We are presently supporting Ten women in this case. But that is not all we can do. We can empower them for a dignitary life. Trainings were given to women for Making of Candles, washing powders, Phynile, Pickles, Some of the trained women found their living through production of these things and marketing them in the slums and nearby towns.

Some of the widows which need your prayers are Mrs. Kamalamma, Chickathayamma, Danalakshmi, Kurimari kamalamma, Mrs. Gowramma and young widow Deepa were wise in starting a Bangles and Plasting Daily household shop and successfully running the roadside shop. The Capital for the shop was Rs. 1000[ Rupees One Thousand Only] supported by the Messiah They have set an example for others how by Faith in the Living God we can live standing on our legs and be witnesses to others.

They are very thankful to the MESSIAH MISSIONS .ORG for the help they have been given and not as a fish but as net to catch fish. Not a hook but a Net literally because after they set up the road side shop they got loans from the Banks and now a days they get more than 10 dollars every day.


We visit hospitals and pray for the sick people. Bread, fruits and sometimes medicines prescribed by the doctors , we provide to the sick people and pray over them. Many people come forward by themselves and request for prayer. Hema of Palaya another Hema of Nanjangud are some ladies recently witnessed healed when we visited and prayed for. The Hospital authorities are very co-operative and the sick persons are very receptive to the Ministry. However the scene of the Hospital with the smell of the diseases and the medicines do not give us a warm welcome.We went to Vikram Hospital, Krishna Raja Hospital, and Lingayath mata Hospital also for visiting patients. Actually Mr. Yaseen and his wife came to the Lord through hospital visiting and after their child was healed visited the Christian Church in Mysore with me.


This ministry is conducted in the Nanjangud sub-jail mainly. Another prison is the disrict prison in Hassan where Pastor Jagadish is working and the Taluk prison in Hunasur where Arun Hunasur is working. The inmates are ready to hear the gospel . Sometimes music teams are used and hymns are sung. Not only the inmates but also the staff of the Prison including the jail Superintendent used to sit hear the Evangelists preaching. Some of the interesting scenes occur when the inmates ‘ eyes wet with tears. Presently there are 84 inmates in the Nanjangud Prison. The number is somewhat fatter than previously. Actually crimes are on the increase?

When we look back our hearts are brimming with joy and gratitude towards the Lord. He had given us good health and enthusiasm for work.

In the International Messiah Missions level also we thank the Lord for uniting Miss. Johanna Perez with the Reverend Pastor Steven E. Ray. That is the will of God and we see that they have joined for the Lord’s Mission to grow and develop.

This year I could travel to Orissa , Tamil Nadu and Kerala State for ministry purposes.

Another significant item to mention is the Bike donated to me through MESSIAH MISSIONS.ORG in this year. Whenever I see the Bike, I remember Brother Russel Durham because he only started the title and took initiative and saw that I have a two wheeler!

We thank Mrs and the Rev. Steven E. Ray for the Sacrificial support rendered towards us all this year long.

We thank Mrs. Carol Wilson coming all the way to convey the best wishes and the love the people of USA have upon us.

Looking forward to a New Year in which we can expect more and do greater things for the Lord Jesus our MESSIAH,

Here we remain sincerely,

Pastor John Madan Mohan [ President]
Brother Andrews Basavaraju [ General Secretary]
Brother Murugesh Paul [ Director of Evangelism and Missions]

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