Rev. Mohan June 2010 Account

Dear Messiah Missions, beloved in Christ, Greetings and best wishes in Our Master’s name! who told:””Happy are those who are humble ; they will receive what God has promised.” Matt.5:5 [Todays English Version}

Another month June went away from us . A new month July has come and we have miles to go before it is dark when no one can work. Our MESSIAH MISSIONS will continue to work till our Lord comes and takes His church.

Our Local church in Nanjangud is developing. New souls added into our congregation all poor agricultural labourers. But they are growing in the faith and promises of God.


Our poor widows are empowered by imparting skills of producing Phynyle, Candle, Soap powder, Glass cleaner, Head-ache remedies, Chicken pickle, floor cleaner and Herbal Shampoo. 18 people attended and they are producing items and selling by themselves . Now days, we are relieved of the burden of providing them monthly support for rice and Dal. But we have gone into villages and four of our youngsters gone to new fields and began saturating gospel to the primitive tribal people. Shyam Samuel is heading them. Others are Andrews Basavaraju, John Siddaraju and Paul Siddharaju.


PASTOR K J Mathew was ill for some days of breathing trouble. Now he has good health. Pastor Arun Hunasur is doing well and baptised 8 souls recently . They are from tribal background. Pastor John Prakash and his wife ae busily winning souls among college going girls. Pastor Vijaya kumar continuing in the village of Davangere District. Almost a church had been started there within the small span 4 months. The thing is if he is nearby he used to act as President but since he is away I am full of work. But I am quite happy working for the Lord. God has helped me to regain health. Brother Christopher and Eva. Samuel Narayanaswamy are continuing with us. Brother Biresh Simon is the labouring in Priyapattana Hill Area in our Messiah Mission Fellowship. Pastor Koshi George, Pastor Suresh chethalayam, Bros. Satish, Bro, Peter madhavan and Brother Rajan Mathews covet your prayers. The problem is we could not support them fully every month.


Sisters Hema Mohan and Thankamma are looking after this school as teachers and counsellers for the young girls. Asha, Latha, Poornima, Rekha, Pavithra and Bargavi are some of the young girls who come and are imparted the skills of cutting, tailoring and embroidery. They wiill become Honouble citizens of this country. The suicide rate in Nanjangud among the young girls came to nil per cent in the last six months. It was through our creating awareness, Thank God.


Seven children are admitted to our children home this year. They are provided food and shelter, prayer and studies apart from education. Since I am a book lover they have sufficient books for studying. Miss Mary Gowry and Miss Shruti Salomi are the resident Teachers and care-takers in the Children Home.

Brother Shivakumar Samuel is working in Handuvanalli -Prakash Nagar Area and he is not expecting a monthly support presently. But all the other three evangelists are provided 20 USD each per month and this meager amount is not able to meet their both ends together. 50 USD per month will help them to get a sufficient – spacious Prayer Hall house and a living sustainable. Since the believers are very very poor they are not afford to provide a meal per week to the Missionary. Conducting Sunday Worship in a Believer’s house is also uncomfortable because all the members of the Newly Converted family are not believers.

A two-wheeler for me will speed the Light of Life in this area.

In our Masters’ Service,

Pastor John Madhan Mohan & Shyam Samuel

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