Year-End Report from Nanjangud

MESSIAH MISSIONS in India greets our Director, his family members, council members and all the prayer partners in the loving name of JESUS.

We have come to a New Year 2015 by the grace of God. Messiah Missions in India works for the fulfillment of the Great Commission of our Loving Lord Jesus Christ. It works in 10 forms in these days. Thank God for the continued support from our prayer partners in USA and the new co-workers the Lord has given us in India . We also thank the Lord for opening us new Horizons break through to work the Works of Christ.


We are distributing salvation tracts and booklets in multiple languages such as Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and English and even in Hindi. Many people are blessed by this ministry.

On the 17th January 2015 a family in Tirumakudal Narsipur called us and told they want to hear the gospel. Pastor John Mohan and his wife went to the town which is 30 kilometers away from our Headquarters in Nanjangud town. We went there and only one family sat for the prayer. A woman which was demon possessed fell down while we pray and she was healed. Then the whole family came to the Lord and accepted him as Lord and Savior. The nearby families also rushed this house and joined us. We gave salvation tracts to the other houses also. A good congregation was formed in T. Narasipura. Brother Somanna Abraham will act as the Brother in this town to conduct prayers and lead worship and distribute salvation tracts and New Testaments to the houses nearby. At least 10 people have come to the Lord this day.

On our mission journey to Hediyala, we came across a mentally tensed and socially rejected man originally named Mahadevaswamy. His condition was so pathetic that he desperately needed someone to take care of him. Please pray for him and next month we are planning to meet him again and serve Jesus to him and change his lifestyle.



Messiah Missions evangelists visit private hospitals as well as government hospitals to pray for the sick people. This ministry has proved very useful as the sick person always wait for a kind of compassionate word and a loving touch.

In this New Year, we are trying to conduct one free medical camp in Sooralli, a very interior but needy village in this Taluk. In the future we are also planning to distribute fruits when we visit primary health centers. We have in our team a Nursing staff. She is very helpful for the hospital ministry. Many sick persons are healed through prayers also as the Lord’s power of healing present when we preach the Word.


Our jail superintendent in Nanjangud is very happy with us when we ask for permission to visit the convicts. We used to preach to the inmates and they would listen carefully since there is no outside contact to them. Presently there are 89 inmates in the Nanjangud Taluk sub-jail. Our brother Shyam Samuel is doing this ministry sacrificially and committedly. Last week he went to Mysore jail also and distributed sweets to many of the inmates. However he could not conduct a meeting there.


This ministry is improving. Many villages are hearing Christ for the first time and turning to Jesus and the God which saves sinners. On the 23rd of last month we visited a village to follow up work and preached Christ the crucified. We could serve simple food also to 200 people which are simple villagers. Many of them confessed faith in Jesus but the follow up work only will prove that all the confessed persons regularly attend worship service. New Testaments were given as gifts covered in presentation papers. Many liked the provision. Presently we are working in different villages. The literacy rate in these villages is below twenty per cent though the Government boasts 60 per cent literacy rate is reached in these villages.


We have already established children development centers in Sri Ramapura. Regular classes and contacts are there in the village. This center is supervised by Rekha Ravi which has a Diploma in Education after graduation. Free tuition, free English coaching, free medical help, snacks and food distribution are done here by Messiah missions. Many children have been developed by this center. One of these girls passed in first class in the SSLC public examination conducted by the State Government. Other villages which have similar centers are:

Shankerpura supervised by Mary Gowri
Ashokapura supervised by Asha siddharaju Devaramanahalli supervised by Lilly.
Bankalli supervised by Ekkamma
Anjipura supervised by Pushpa
Rajaji colony supervised by Ambika Paul.


The ultimate end of evangelism should be forming congregations of people for His Name. We already formed churches in:
1. Nanjangud Town,
2. Rajajinagar,
3. Anjipura,
4. Elachikere,
5. Sindhuvallipura,
6. Nagarle,
7. Hullalli,
8. Chethalayam,
9. Pulpalli and
10. the Messiah Mission’s central church in Devaramanahalli is only building constructed so far.

The headquarters of MESSIAHMISSIONS in India is situated in Nanjangud Town. In Tamil Nadu we are having 10 pastors with us, and in Kerala we have an anointed servant of God which is Satish Chethalayam for the past many years.


Our prayer partners in the USA donated us a large amount to give as Christmas gift in the villages. The village people preferred mats because they wanted to pray using the mats. So we bought one hundred mats for these people and arranged a small function and distributed them to the villagers. These are not all believers but we did not restricted to believers. Poor folks! But we gave one mat to each of the unbelievers (here they are seekers) and to the believers’ houses we gave one more each.


Messiah Missions fellowship pastors had a one day Pastors meeting for revival and renewal of their vision and mission on the 13th January 2015. This is actually an area meeting in the Tamil Nadu State. 15 of the Pastors turned up to the meeting.

The workers were given time to share their testimonies of God doing things through them. Many told testimonies of how they faced problems in their ministry and how through fasting and prayer they were helped by God and Lord Jesus Christ to come out of the problem and win souls for Jesus. As many as 56 souls were saved and baptized in the last year and this number should grow more in the coming year. Some of the evangelists reported physical inabilities and we all spent some time in intercessory prayer.

The local pastors came forward to share the burden of the expenses incurred for printing the pamphlet notices and the public address system and the fellowship lunch. We could not take the speaker system from the central church because in the bust it is problematic to carry the luggage.
However all the pastors wanted such fellowship meetings time and again.

Interested pastors arranged more gospel and revival meetings in their churches also.
The meeting revived our pastors and their visions. And all the pastors decided to more for the kingdom of God. Some of the pastors asked for New Testaments and hand bills and salvation tracts and Holy Bibles.

Your Brother in Christ,

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