July/Aug 2022 Report from Myanmar

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

It is the mission report for the month of July-Augusto 2022. God is wonderfully and amazingly working through Messiah Missions International (Myanmar) team to reach out people with the gospel. In July, 5 lost souls saved and baptized in this month and then more than 15 children accepted Jesus as their personal savior and Lord. What a wonderful service led by God Himself for His own glory!

Children Ministry

In these two months, up to 120 children were reached out with the gospel. Reaching out children is the best strategy in Myanmar to build mutual relationship and friendship with their parents to share the gospel with them. To build more mutual relationship and friendship with parents, we start free education for the children in this month and more than 25 children regularly attend in two places.


It is God who opens doors to do personal evangelism. In this month, we can reach out many people more than 70 people in oral by personal evangelism and distribute more 260 gospel tracts. We always try to influence our surrounding places with the gospel that people will come to know their savior for the bondage of sin and Satan. Many people are interested in the gospel message even if some reject the gospel. It is to praise the Lord that 5 pure Burmese who worship Buddhism got converted in this month.

Training School

Messiah Mission Training School(Myanmar) going will by God’s grace. Even though the price of food and everything needed for the students and the school is getting high, God is still faithful to us and His ministry. All total are 15 students. As I mentioned, it is for the mission work and church planting. It is our ultimate vision to reach out the whole country with the gospel.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the safety of the people of Myanmar and MMI workers in Myanmar.
  • Pray for the lost souls in Myanmar to hear the gospel message.
  • Pray for the training school and the students’ needs for food.


Thank you so much for your generous support for the mission work in Myanmar to reach out the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Because of your faithful and generous support, we can do many things in the mission fields for the gospel’s sake.


Yours faithfully,

Brother David


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