GEOM’s 2012 Year-End Update

Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ!


Dear Brothers and Sisters thank you for keeping us into your prayers. Wish you a very happy Christmas season. May Lord bless you richly and use you abundantly for His glory.

Present country condition:

Last month our Govt. put some emergency throughout the country for the safety and security of one of the Muslim religious group to perform their religious rituals. Cellular networks were also being ceased. Every corner of life got affected including our evangelism work.

Christmas Activities:

Our entire Pastors are busy doing Christmas programs for their Churches.

Rejoining of Pastor Zafar:

We in the beginning Pastor Zafar was also the part of GEOM team and serving God with the brickyard people in Faisalabad division. But three years ago he got some misunderstanding and left the GEOM team but we kept him in our prayers. Thank God, He listened and answers our prayers. Last month Pastor Zafar came to us and makes confession of what he did wrong and requested to rejoin the GEOM team. We welcome him and now by the grace of God he is the part of GEOM team again. We are glad to get him back. He is keep working with new passion and commitment with us.

Pastor Victor got some Sunday school training:

Last month Pastor Victor got an opportunity to attend a Sunday school training workshop at Lahore city for three days. He got many new ideas to promote Sunday school teachers and their children ministry. Next month we are planning to have practice of this training into our Churches just to encourage and train more Sunday school teachers.

Charity School:
Under the supervision of Pastor Victor, charity school staff is keep working for uplift of our community. But the commitment of our volunteer teachers would be over by the end of this year. We are seeking some financial support to have new teachers and for the Christmas expenses for needy students.

Buying of Motorbike:

Three days a week we are facing the fuel shortage problem here. It’s getting hard for us to meet the fuel expenses of car…that’s why we have bought a motorcycle on installments for our evangelism team, so the evangelism work may not get affected.

Street Evangelism:

Last month we were able to do evangelism in Jehlum city and its surrounding villages, the following literature was being delivered:

  • Bible =158
  • New Testament = 276
  • Miracles of Christ = 560
  • Proverbs = 514

Help the Helpless:

There are some more than 50 deserving families in our contact who really need to have some financial support on Christmas. So they may celebrate Christmas happiness like others. We are praying for them.

Prayer Requests:

  • New Church planting project
  • Converts Church in Kashmir
  • Deliverance of 4000 Bibles/New Testaments this year to gentiles
  • Literature and transportation needs
  • Financial support for team members
  • Present country condition
  • The running expenses of “The Light Model School”

Please keep us in your daily prayers and for the further information you may contact with us. Thanks, God bless you all.

In the Lord,

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