From Huinduism to Christ

I am Shiddaraju.  I was born in a farmers family.

My father taught me all the rituals in Hinduism.  My mother was demon possessed.  I took her to so many temples and also to hospitals.  All in vain.  My wife also having much troubles especially stomach pain.

I underwent so many failures and we came to a decision to commit suicide as a family.

On that day a car came to my village and some people stood and preached about a man who died for others sins and became God.  I wanted to test this faith also as I had to lose nothing.

I invited Pastor Jon Mohan who preached in our language to my house and asked for more details.   He prayed for my family with tears on his eyes.  Later I knew that he does not have a car, but when somebody offered a car free of rent he put gas for it and came preaching in villages one by one.

I had bleeding also in my nose.  I was healed.  My wife was healed. Then what is the need for committing suicide?

Now I  go to my fellow villages and tell them about Jesus.  I am happy in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am happy in the work of Messiah Missions.

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