June 2020 Report From Pakistan

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Loving greetings in the Name of our dear Lord and soon coming King Jesus Christ. Grace and peace be unto you by God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ.

During the month of June 2020, We organize 10 home church prayers meeting. We reach to one hundred and fifty-five males/female with the light of hope, one hundred and thirty food package to our Brickyard, gypsy and lockdown family, facilitate three hundred children with food and school/educational stationary in our two ministry center and organize twenty Sunday school services in each family and maintain a social distance because of covid-19. We share the book of John with our Three hundred children. We organized Bible reading meetings in our LOTC and SJPS center and share the Good news from Bible. I am thankful to God that God has blessed me with the right people who are supported by financially, physically presence in my life and missions. I thankful to my team members, group members, Christian community and other minorities who are standing with me and joined hand and we reach to the right people as God arrange everything and guide us.

Pray for Peace in world and Peace in Pakistan during this COVID-19.

1. Food Distribution at Least of These Centre

God has blessed us with food for our 170 children. We buy grocery from market and cook food in home. During this month we provide lunch to our 170 children in seventeen days. We call our children at lunchtime and they come and eat and spent lunch time to the evening with us. Children are thankful for your prayers, love and support to us. They said to you, “ Thank you so much for your prayers and presence.

2. Sunday School

The thirty-five children around the Least of These Center gather in LOTC in every evening during this month. They are very blessed that God has arranged a Christian teacher for them and they get biblical knowledge. During this month we have read the book of John and hymns and Christian praise song. We learn English language Our Father, our local language is Urdu. The Children and group members from LOTC are very thankful to your great presence in our missions.

3. Brick Yard Family Support

We are thankful to God that God has blessed us with forty food packages for our Brickyard family. The weather is very cloudy and heavy rainy season, after rain the brickyard family are unable to make bricks or the next few days till the rainwater dry. So they are jobless till dry on earth please pray for them that God bless them with food. They are blessed and thankful to your multiple blessings we reach them with forty food package and they are blessed and thankful to your love, one of them said, “ We feel that our Lord Jesus Christ bless us and listen our prayers and provide us and you are the source person of it that God is guiding you to help us” One Child from brick yard said, “ Jesus listen to my prayers. Amen

4. Covid-19 Food Distribution Hyderabad

Our neighbors are other minorities in Pakistan as we Christian are minorities in Pakistan. So this pandemic trials and troubles, we share our love gift with our brethren. We share seventy food packages to our Bhil and Koli Minorities. They are thankful to your inspired love and are thankful to your kind act for humanity. The little children are very excited and I never have seen such charming eyes before after bless one children with food.

5. School Stationary Distribution at SJPS

God has blessed us with school stationary, books and bags for 56 children. We distribute it with our children at Saint James Primary School. They are very happy and say thanks to God that God has blessed them with stationary, school bag and books. They ask God that God will protect to our donor and bless them with long life.

6. Food Distribution at SJPS

God has blessed us with food to our Saint James Primary School. We provide lunch for our SJPS children. They are very blessed and thankful for your love and prayers. The one child came from brick yard family and said that “I am thankful to God that I drink cold water” Our SJPS staff and children are paying for you all that God bless you with long life.

Thank you so much my brethren who raised their hands and join us in prayer that Lord Jesus Christ bless us with food supply, biblical and educationally supply. My brethren please pray for our orphans, street, poor, needy children, widows and paralyzed. Life is very tough and full of trials and troubles in Pakistan for Christian and other minorities. Pray that God bless and comfort our hearts. Amen

In Christ’s Love,
Brethren from Pakistan

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