April News from Indian Headquarters

To the respected International Director and family, executive council members and prayer partners,

We greet you all in the name of Jesus which told I am the light of the world. It was the prayer of India Oh God Unknown, from Darkness lead us into light, from death lead us into life and from Untruth lead us into Truth. [Thamssoma jyothirgamaya, mrithyoma amirtham gamaya our asathyoma satyam gamaya] It is the only God Jesus which answered all these prayers and Jesus told, “I am the Light of the World, I am the resurrection and Life and I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” Yes, India needs Christ amidst many suicides, murders, rapes, ignorance and diseases.

It is the Messiah Missions Ministries which go to the interior parts of this subcontinent and preaches the good news with a compassionate outreach. Souls are saved, some of them are baptized and churches are started in the Southern States of India.

Sarees for the Widows and Dresses for Children

Many of the first time believers are widows. Messiah Missions have special concern for the widows. We used to give them a month bag which consists of 10 K G rice, one K G Dal, one kilogram salt and another kilogram of edible oil. It costs us 600 Indian Rupees for this month-bag. We need 16 of these bags for the widows. Moreover we used to give sarees for the widows as there is no one to care for these children of God. Kamalamma, Mahadevamma, Kurimari Kamalamma, Gowramma, Sakkamma, Meenamma, Poojamma, are only some of the widows which receive support from our Messiah Missions.

Many of the children which attend the Messiah Mission churches are from the poorest of the poorer families. They need some clothes for the winter, so we gave them some clothes also. Such clothes were given to Messiah Mission churches in Nanjangud town (Pastor John Mohan is the pastor), Nagarle village (Shyam Samuel is the Pastor), Sindhuvallipura village (Renjith John is the Pastor), Hunasuru town (Brother Biresh is the pastor), Chethalayam (Satish is the pastor here), Sethuvalai (brother Ramesh Timothy is the Pastor), Sampath Nagar (Brother David Shanker is the Pastor here), Devalapura (Brother Devakumaran is the Pastor Here), Tituppattur MM Church (where Raji Joshua is the pastor) and Hullalli village (this outreach is under John Roy’s direction at present).

We also gave mats to Sarasamma and Mahesh in this month. From the meagre amounts which we receive as free will offerings in the Nanjangud Messiah Missions Central church we used to find some money to buy mats and other useful things. Our Lord Jesus’ coming is very near and we have to do some things for the furtherance of the gospel in the primitive areas.

Evangelism and Church Planting

These two work areas are the priority number one activities in Messiah Missions Ministries in India. We entered Heggade Nagar, Kuri Hundi villages this month and evangelized the villages by giving away tracts and booklets, visiting houses and praying for the sick people.

We need to do more works before it gets darkness in which no body can work. In India everything is not easy for Christians. We are targeted in every areas of life. Hindus are given green card to fetch raise from the public distribution system and I am not having a ration-card for all these years. We are forfeited by every Government availabilities. No loans are given to Christians through banks. Even Minority Loans were given only to Muslims and not to Christians. Christians go to America is the slogan heard everywhere.

We request our brothers and sisters in the USA to please pray for your fellow brethren in India.  Whether life or death we will not matter but we need the strength of Jesus Christ to stand steadfastly.

Grace and peace continue,

Sincerely in the fulfilling of the great commission through Messiah Mission,

Your brother in Christ,
John Madan Mohan

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