August Report from Pakistan

Dear Brethren,

Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ! We are thankful to Messiah Missions that they guide us how we can connect to our brethren. We know by them how to write updates in shape of monthly newsletter. With their daily efforts and prayers and presence, we reach to the unreacheded people with the word of God, word of love and word of peace. God is leading them and they are follow Him and sharing the Love and truth in entire world.

Dear Brethren and donors, we are thankful to your prayers, support and presence. With your love support, we are serving the Pakistani persecuted Christians and children. We are thankful for your true love for the brethren. We are united under the one name.

During the month of August 2016, we have visited four remote areas of Punjab province. We shared the word of God and spent time with our brethren and stay with them in prayers and share the foods and Urdu Bibles with them. We also provide food, school supply and medicine to 90 children in our Least of These Center in Pakistan and 75 children in our Saint James Primary School.

The Urdu Bible for Thirsty Soul in Pakistan

We have visited four towns in Punjab province for the distribute the Urdu Bible. We have visited Christian persecuted families. We stay with them and together we Praise our almighty God and then we give them free gift of Life that connecting them to Lord Jesus Christ. We distribute 60 Urdu Bible with our 60 Christian families. They are thankful to you my brethren and said to you, ” Thank you so much for your great presence, love and eternal life gift.”

Food Package for Brick Kiln Persecuted workers

We have visited the four towns in Punjab province with the 10 food package. We deliver these food package to our Pakistani Christian persecuted brick kiln workers. We visit them in their home and prayer meeting with them for their heart comfortable. They join us in prayers and feel joy and peace in their mind and heart. They thankful to you that you remember them in your prayers and love and share the blessings foods with them.

Least of These Center

by the Grace of God, God has blessed us with school supply, foods and fruits for our 90 children. Least of these Center is our one of charity center, where we give free education, foods and shelter to our persecuted children. They are very blessed to receive the foods, school supplies and fruits.

Saint James Primary School

We are thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ that He continues bless us with everything that we need in our spiritual and physically growth. We are giving free education by our SJPS to our 75 children. During the month of August 2016, We have provided the school supplies, food and medicine. We are also provided formal and religion education to our 75 children.

During this month we provide 75 children with foods.  God has also blessed us with medicine for our children when they were sick in august 2016. God has blessed us with 75 sets of medicine for our 75 children.

Here is a video of food distribution in Saint James Primary School:


Prayers Requests

Pray for our Pakistani Christian persecuted families, Pastors, Evangelist and Missionaries that Lord Jesus Christ protect them and safe them in Pakistan. Pray for our two charitable center and evangelism team.

Yours in Christ,
Asim Saddique

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