Courageous Pakistani Christians – April Report

Dear Messiah Missions and those with you! Greetings in the name of Lord,

Your readers might wonder why I get so late to send you updates. Actually our Pakistani government has policies against the work of God through Jesus and is creating some problems for us to operate. Since last few months my e-mail address got blocked and I was not able to open my email address. It came into my notice that we are under observation by some government agencies. That’s why I was having some security measures and was a little careful about it. The blockage of my email address is the part of that. Anyway I am using  another e-mail address to run the mission… for this reason I got late sending you updates and now I am sending you updates through my new e-mail address. For your information I would like to say that it might be in future be hard for me to share openly the ministry things.

Present Country Condition: Sadly stated that we are going through a big persecution. Satan keeps hunting the Pakistani Christians; more than 200 Christian shops, homes and churches have been burned at Lahore city and Gujranwala city by religious extremists. And more over the General Elections are going to be held in the near future. Recently the earthquake brought some destruction in different areas. Please pray for the victims and their rehabilitation.

Street Evangelism: In the beginning of the 1st quarter of this year, the evangelical team had many challenges to work properly but instead of that we did something for the glory of God in the different northern cities like Peshawar, Tarbaila, Abottabad and its surroundings. Pastor Zafar became very active after rejoining the GEOM, he is working as street evangelist too and did very good job during the last quarter. The following literature has been delivered.

  • New Testaments      = 311
  • Bible                         = 232
  • Miracles of Christ     = 658
  • Proverbs                  = 597

Follow up Team: During the follow up, GEOM team and I have seen very good fruit of 9 people from different areas, all of them are really hungry and thirsty for the word of God. We are looking forward to win them for the kingdom of God. You can see in photo that we have often to study Bible in cover of darkness and secret, to avoid persecution.

Brickyard People: Last month GEOM team and I visited the Faisalabad division but according to our plan we could not visit well because of unfavorable weather, we just visited a few families, who are working in the brickyard companies. We had the opportunity to see and listen to their problems; each one of them had terrible stories.

Church in Kashmir: Thank God for Pastor Samuel who has already reached in Kashmir to take care of the flock there by the end of February. Whole of the last year they had no pastor but thank God now they have pastor already. By next month I have plan to visit them also… keep praying for them and for the needs of Pastor Samuel. Due to Govt. strict policies in Kashmir it’s hard for Him to work over there, need to pray for that also.

Mini Bible School: In the mini Bible school the weekly class is continued. Looking forward to have some new students.

Church Planting: Our pastors have won many souls for the Lord. They get them ready to have water baptism. By the will of God we are going to get them water baptism by next month.

Charity school: Charity school is going well, but we had some fluctuation because of leaving three teachers all of sudden, because they got good jobs somewhere else. It was hard for Pastor Victor to run the work without teachers but now he has two new teachers but we are facing some financial crises to pay them. Anyway this month the academic years is over and results have been announced already. We are praying for the books, stationary and uniforms for them.

Help the Helpless: The Last month a deserving family came to us with a big problem… their son got a road accident, in result of this accident his leg got fractured, it was hard for them to bear the hospital expenses. The Govt. hospital’s doctors were giving him three months time to operate, because the govt. doctors always try to discourage the patients so the patients may move to their personal clinics. It’s my personal experience too, in 2007 when I got an accident the same situation I had faced. Then I move to the private hospital which was very expensive. For this family GEOM took the responsibility to help them personally. Pastor Victor and I visited the doctors and requested them to help this family. Thank God the doctors got agreed to give 50% discount and the 50% remaining we made arrange through some of our friends and bear the expenses in this way we had the opportunity to share the good news with doctors too.

Prayer Requests:

  • Evangelism / Follow up teams.
  • New church planting project.
  • Converts church in Kashmir.
  • Deliverance of 3000 Bibles/New Testaments this year to gentiles.
  • Needy and poor Christian students.
  • Literature and transportation needs.
  • Financial support for team members.
  • Mini Bible school.
  • Present country condition.
  • Books, stationary and uniforms for more than 100 kids.

Please keep us in your daily prayers and for the further information you may contact with us.  Thanks, God bless you all.

In Lord,
Evangelist Paul David
Serving the Persecuted Church of Jesus in Pakistan

Note of Messiah Missions: Evangelist Paul David shared a number of photos of families who work and live in the brickyards, making only a penny a brick, who owe more money than they can every hope to pay off in even three generation. We are sharing these images with you below, and each image caption informs you of the amount the family owes.


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  1. April E Garris  April 23, 2013

    Dearest brother in Christ;

    I rejoice in the work you are doing for God’s kingdom. I pray to the Lord that He protects you and provides for every single one of your needs!! I love you and I pray that the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, guard your hearts and your minds.

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