GEOM’s March 2010, News Report

Messiah Missions, Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!


Praise to be the Lord for all of his faithfulness, provision and all the blessings he has given us for His glory. Although the situation of our country here is still not encouraging for us but by the grace of GEOM working to achieve its set goals and targets, according to the resources.

Progress Report – Training workshop:

A Training workshop for out reach and cross cultural ministry was being held on 22-23 March, 2010. Brother Naseer John (Lahore) came for this training. 40 evangelists and pastors who have the burden for cross cultural ministry participated in this work shop. In this workshop we had the opportunity to talk on Quran and Islamic doctrines. So our people must know, that how can we share the word of God with Muslims in their context. The trainees got many tools for cross-cultural ministry. They did enjoy the teaching and got the good blessings. After the workshop we have plan to keep it up this program. So we will make a regular weekly class for all of our out reach ministers. Hope it will be the most effective for our people.

Friendship Evangelism & Street Evangelism:

We are practicing the friendship evangelism, which is proving effective to evangelize the gentiles. GEOM team is going to different public places to seek the people, who are hungry and thirsty for the word of God. Thank God many people welcoming and receiving the word of God, by this way. Burning issue of terrorism and extremism also helping us to talk on peace with gentiles, in this way we have the opportunity to talk with them about the prince of peace. (Lord Jesus Christ) which is our main focus.

GEOM street evangelism team is also keep on working in the remote and village areas Jehlum, Mangla, Gujar Khan, Kalar Sayyedan, Peshawar, etc.etc.

New Addition in Evangelism:

The following literature we are planning to add in our work, to make some more easy approach for the out reach people.

  • Story of Abraham
  • Story of Jacob
  • Story of Joseph
  • Story of Noah
  • Story of Jonah

These are the prophets, who are most familiar in Islam and all of you know that here in Pakistan Muslims are in majority. These books will help us to share the word of properly because in Quran although there names and little references are found but no detail. When we will give the books then they will ask us form where you get these stories. Then we have opportunity to tell them that we have the detail about all prophets in the Bible.

In March the following literature have been delivered to Gentiles:

  1. Bibles = 96
  2. New Testaments = 75
  3. Miracles of Christ = 109

Library Project:

In March we did receive 30 more requests from different libraries and institutions. They are showing their good interests to receive the word of God. Time to time we are also in touch with them. We are praying that the literature they are receiving will be effective for their souls and it prove the good source for changing their lives.

Now we have a plan to make a get together with them, then we will have the opportunity to share the word of God with them and prove the importance of the word of God. We are praying for this program.

GEOM Follow-Up Team:

Thank God for the evangelism fruit, many people are sending feedback, showing their interest and want to keep in touch with us from different remote areas, Some times its little hard for us to go to them in time because public transport take too much time and money. But thank God two of our people have started their follow up work. But going to remote areas they need connivance to go to them regularly, so we are praying for this too.

Kashmir Work:

Work in Kashmir improving day by day, we have a full time Pastor who is ready to go there but no support for him, we are praying for his financial support to send him. According to our resources, there are many people who want to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior but they have some fear in their minds and heart, so we need to pray for them. Some of them are hidden Christians, we need to encourage them too. And after their conversion as you know most of them went through persecution and we don’t have any proper place to protect them from their backgrounds and give them temporary shelter after their conversion. So we are praying for the resources.

Take Care of Fruit:

Few years ago lord provided us a couple from Muslim background. They went through a lot of persecution. We gave them some support according to our resources and shifted them to Peshawar city for safety and security point of view but in these days they are being threaten again at that place. Now from this month we have been shifted them from there to Rawalpindi city. GEOM gave them support and provide them rented residence and paid rent for three months. Now we are looking forward for their expenditures for the future and along with that we are praying for their proper job, so they could be independent.

Prayer Requests:

  • Follow-up team.
  • Evangelism awareness project with the students in summer vacation.
  • Church to Church evangelism awareness project.
  • Gypsy’s education project.
  • Converts church in Kashmir.
  • Deliverance of 2000 Bibles this year to gentiles.
  • Library project.
  • Relief work for the needy people. Three wheeler cycle for a disable person.
  • Books and stationary for 25 poor children.

We are very thankful all of you for all your financial and Prayer supports.

Please continue to prayer for our work and peace in our country Pakistan.

Thank you and God Bless you!

Evangelist Paul David
Gospel Evangelical Team.

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