GEOM’s News, Nov 2009

Messiah Missions, Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We are very grateful of our Lord, who kept us in this country to serve Him, and providing us resources to continue His work. Although our country is facing the terrorism and extremism, but the present situation is little better than before. Our evangelical work going good. All teams have been sent their reports of Nov. 2009. Which are as follows:

Yaqoob Masih: Last month when we came back from Lahore after seminar, as usual during the jounry from Lahore to Rawalpinidi, we did our evangelical work, when we reach Dinga kharian during the evangelism we went to an auto workshop, where we met Yaqoob Masih. He welcome us warmly in his workshop. He became very happy to see our work in Gentiles. He also showed his interest to help us in this way, and told that there are many people come to his workshop daily to repair their vehicles and he has good opportunity to share the word of God with them. But he has no literature and resources to promote his evangelical work there. So if we could provide him some financial support then he could be able to do more in that remote area for the glory of God. Because he has good burden and vision and he is committed to do something for the gentiles. Gospel Evangelical Ministry will provide him the literature.

 Lahore Seminar:   4 days Seminar on Evangelism was being held on 7th – 11th of Nov. 2009, at Lahore. Evangelist Paul David was invited there as speaker. He went there with his evangelical team, he preached the word of God there. Lord used him abundantly. More than 30 people participated in this seminar. All the participants were so happy to know the new techniques in the God’s work. It was really the blissful seminar. Over all it was a nice effort and good encouragement to promote the evangelical work.

Faisal Abad:   Thank God our education program working effectively. The people are grateful for “AIM For Change” that they started this work through the GEOM. Some more requests have been received from different brickyard companies to facilitate them with this opportunity because this is very useful for them. Pastor Zafar is doing his best there and he is so faithful to his work. He had three more people baptized during the last month.

Evangelical Work:   This month we had some busy time with different programs, but thank God we could do some evangelical work along with our different other activities. Our evangelical team did some work on all G.T. road from Lahore to Rawalpindi, on the way went to Dinga (Kharian). During the work we could met many people and shared with them the word of God. We were able to delivered the following literature.

  • Bible = 27
  • New Testament = 42
  • Miracles of Christ = 98

Library Project:   Thank God for the library project, its going good too. This month we were able to send seven Urdu Bibles and two NIV English Bibles. We send some more letters too different libraries for providing them facility of Bible. Some of them are interested to avail this facility, and they have send us requests to provide them Bibles for their libraries.

Kashmir:   Near India border there is a city named Abbas pure, where the Lord provide us seven converts. They have started a cell group, They have get together on every Friday. Although its too hard to work there but thank God for their strong faith and commitment for the glory of God. They pray for each other to strengthened each other and have the Bible study together. This month we could visited them for their encouragement. We need a full time servant of God with them who could provide them some proper Guidance and teachings so the work of God may flourished there. Now we are praying and looking some more resources for that servant of God.

Christian Colonies:   As all of you know that we are working in the poor Christians colonies. We have provided them roofs donated by the “AIM For Change” for their rooms. There are five widows, who have need to cover their walls with roofs. Because they covered their rooms with tarpal. Its winter now and there is too much cold here. So living in the roofless room is too hard for them. So we are praying for them that may Lord help them provide them roofs. We have plan to distribute some gifts in the poor children on this Christmas and distribute some grocery like sugar, rice , fouler and some cloths for the children.   We are very thankful all of you for all your financial and Prayer supports.   Please continue to prayer for our work and peace in our country Pakistan.

Thank you and God Bless you!

Evangelist Paul David

Gospel Evangelical Team

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