Nanjangud India ~ July Report

Dear prayer partners, donors and supporters,

Greetings in the wonderful and compassionate name of Jesus!

Sometimes when I pray, the sick persons are healed. But God does not call us as healers alone.  God has called us as evangelists, the distributors of the Word of God who gives life and life abundantly. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of god and everything else will be added unto you” is the golden promise in the Word of God. As we see in the Beatitudes, the first ever and never surpassed Sermon on the Mount.

If healing happens God heals the sick to prove the Word of God.
If prophecy comes to happen God foretells and magnifies His Son.
If we magnify the preacher we may fall astray from God’s protecting grace.

But evangelism is different. You have to continue the mission until the last sinner is saved. A person can be healed or even he can glorify the Lord in his sickness. Or he can be healed another time. But Gospel only can give Faith in God. It changes his Eternity, it changes his way of living, it changes his approach towards his own family and even Gospel changes his answer to the society! Whether he is an asset or a liability. Onesimus was a liability, challenge and threatening to his Master. The gospel changed him and he became an asset, comfort and encouragement to Philemon and we can be sure that Ephesus Church was richly blessed by the repented Onesimus.


Gospel is now also changing lives in Nanjangud and similar rural areas. Messiah Missions evangelists go everyday at least to one village. These days our evangelists went to Sindhuvalli, Sindhuvallipura, Kalale and Karalapura. One widow named Siddhamma was healed from stomach pain. She lost her husband 3 years back. But she had lost her health 4 years back. But when prayed in the name of Jesus she was healed but also accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord. She is the only and first born believer family in the village. She may face opposition but she and her family are strong in faith and ready to face any opposition from the elders of the village. Stopping from fetching water from the common well; denying rice and sugar from the ration shop and asking others not to speak or co-operate in any way with the believers families and if somebody dies denial of common graveyard as cemetery purpose are the ‘sanctions’ forced on the young believers. But our God is able to protect the believers amidst all these oppositions and has been providing everything pertaining to faith and godly living.

In Kalale village young boys received gospel books eagerly. Some other villages were also met by our evangelists and they are. North Begur, Chinchanapura, Beechanahalli, Handpost corner, Saragur.

KARNATAKA state in India is full of scattered villages. We travel a lot to visit villages and preach Christ the Crucified Saviour, only answer to all the problems faced by the human race today. The political, social and economic problems can be solved by Jesus the Risen Saviour only since the mass outreach programs always find their opposers, we nowadays visit houses and conduct house to house evangelism. Man houses are opened to us and we received people thirst for knowing a Saviour to save them from the eternal problems as well. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added unto you!” is what we could say unto them.

Ramu’s house – Ramu is a scheduled caste daily wages worker in Dadathalli village. His wife’s name is Sita Lakshmi. He has two daughters. One is Asha and the other girl’s name is Chethana.This family listened to the gospel very eagerly and received and prayed with us.

Lakshmana’s House – Lakshmana has two sons. They also listened to the gospel very eagerly and received the gospel and prayed with us.

Putta madaiyya’s house – Putta madaiyya is a heavy drunkard. He invited us and asked us to pray for his daughter Navinkumari, sixteen years old . I felt crying when I saw her. This beautiful young girl is dumb. She cannot talk. I preached to the family Jesus is the answer for the problems and curses Satan has loaded on the human race because Eve and Adam listened to the Word of Satan. Yes even before looking unto the Tree of the Knowledge of the Good and evil Eve sinned while listened to the enemy of God. Death came hearing the words of Satan and Faith comes hearing the Word of god. The whole family happily listened to the Word of God and we earnestly prayed for the dumb girl, Navinkumari, so that god’s will, will be done one her because God’s will is that we should be in complete health and happiness.


Our Loving Lord Jesus Christ loved children. Jesus said, Let the little children come to me …and He took them up in His arms , put hands on them, and blessed them. {Mark 10: 14 to 16th verses] we have regular children development centers in Rajaji Nagar, Ashokapuram, Sriramapuram, Shankerpuram, Devaramanahalli and Hullalli, and presently added to those centers is Karalapura which is a remote village and 3 kilo meters away from the main road.

These children are very interested to hear the word of god and attend Sunday school. A children development requires providing of snacks and coffee, attending in their health issues, teaching them freely in the evening on week days and conducting Sunday School on Sunday Evenings. Mr. Murugesh . Mr. Ramanna , Mrs. Kamalamma, Mrs. Anandamma, Mr. Mahesh , Mrs. Rani are the Messiah Missions children development Center care takers. In these villages respectively and Miss Ambika, Miss Asha, Miss Manasapriya (she has been supported her studies by Messiah Missions for years and has come out as a Teacher in her spare time in the evenings in spite of her college studies), Miss. Shobha, Mrs. Lilli and Mrs. Vimala Palani in Hullalli village. Mrs. Sudhamani has happily come forward to take care of the children work in Karalapura village. We could provide note books and pen to all the children which attended the Sunday School sessions. Main and important motivation is given for the cultivation in the moderation of affection to devotion. Because Faith in the Real and Only Lord Jesus Christ is the primary benefit which acquires sustainable progress in Home and Society.

We wholeheartedly thank all the Prayer partners, well-wishers, donors and friends of the Messiah Missions gratefully in this time.  We specially thank Rev. Dr. Steven E. Ray and his family for the brave leadership and strong support and visionary guidance.  Eternity only can show the Rewards for the sacrificial donations and the compassionate approach you have provided in the Gospel Outreach work of this subcontinent which is having insignificant presence of Christians.

Yours in our Lord Jesus ‘ Great Commission
Pastor John Mohan

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