Pastor Mohan’s May Update

Dearly beloved brother in Christ,

Greetings in our LORD JESUS CHRIST’S precious name!

Blessed be the Lord God of our Forefathers who blessed us with all the richest blessings of the Heavenly Places!  By the grace of God we are in good health and the works in these region are going on smoothly.

Report on Manasapriya’s Roofless House

[In April’s update, it was reported that the home of Manasapriya, one of the girls served by Messiah Missions India, had suffered the total destruction of the roof due to an earthquake over the region she lives in.  Below are two photos depicting the home before repair.]

Manasapriya is the eldest daughter to Rekha Kamal. She has two other siblings also. When Rekhas husband was addicted to alcoholism there began trouble in the family. Rekha and her children were deserted and were suffering without food for days and nights.

In the meantime, MESSIAH MISSIONS began a ministry in this village. Manasapriya was so excited to hear the Love of God in Christ. She began to read the bible and learnt action songs. Actually sister Thankamma Mohan worked hard in the village to teach them verses and songs.

Later Manasapriya’s case came to the notice of our International Director Rev. Dr. Steven E. Ray. Manasapriya is the one among the three female children directly cared for and sponsored by the Director.

Because of Manasapriya’s interest, she brought her mother also to the prayer meetings. After coming over here and atending Rekha got a new hope in Life. Everythig is not finished, something will come new on her way. We supported her to write the failed examination in Intermediate and she joined for Diploma in Education a Teachers training course. As she was from a scheduled caste origen, the local authorities also came forward to help her granting aschlorship.

As she finished her Diploma in Education she got job in Christ’s School [a Christian school under Catholic management]. The priest gave her a job because she professed to be a believer.

On April 11 and 13, we had heavy rains and minor earthquake here. Many houses lost their roofs, and asbesto sheets which covered the roofs flew away. Rekha also lost her roof. We went and comforted her and prayed for her.

Pastor John mohan reported the matter to the International Office of the Messiah Missions office and the International Director took special care in this matter and supported liberally for the roof of the Manasapriya’s house through Messiah Missions’s donations.

Pastor John Mohan met Mrs. Kamalamma which is the Leader of the area and also a relative of Rekha and we discussed the matter in group.

It was decided to put Mangalore tiles since some more money is needed for buying cement, sand [now a days very costly. Rs. 7000/- for a tractor load.] Cement is 360 /- INR per 50 kilo gram sack. And two doors and frames which costed 3000 INR per door and frame.

The work was done in a phase by phase manner. First the roof was restored immediately because it is rainy season and there is not other shelter to give them for temporary living. Next the front portion was cemented. Next the toilet was cemented and the two door frames are fixed and the walls are carved and cemented.

Manasapriya and her family are now safe and they live in a secure house. Housing in this area is very problematic; to put this family outside somewhere up till the housing works completed. Big amount they ask for the monthly rent also. Anyhow Manasapriya is happy now. She had passed to the higher standard in her school. She is fastly learning ENGLISH AND MATHEMATICS now a days as she is aiming bigger aspects in her life for the future. By the by she is improving in health and complexion. God bless her and the other siblings.

Other Ministry News

We had some rainfall for the last month and it is raining too for some areas of south India .

  • A small prayer meeting for the Bangalore suburban evangelists also conducted this month.
  • Pastor Suresh is doing well and his wife is recovering from her key-hole surgery.
  • Brother Evangelist Satish chandra seems always on the run on his BAJAJ CT 100 bike, thanking for the Fuel support provided by generious donations through Messiah Missions, USA.
  • Brother Samuel’s family blessed with a male child last Monday morning at 8-30 am. This is the second male child to our evangelists after Mrs Rekha Ravi delivered a male child three months back.
  • Brother Philip and Shanti are doing a good job in Erode in Tamil Nadu and 5 people were baptized last month in Perumanallur , where they work. All the new believers are from very poor background but they are strong in the Lord Jesus Christ and rich in the Spirit of God.
  • Brother Prabhakar is doing a good job in Mandya. 15 adult persons gathered in the prayer meeting there. Actually Brother Prabhakar was engaged in a government job up to two month’s back and was retired recently. Since his spiritual life is good he began o work for the Lord visiting sick people’s houses for praying for the sick. In the sick peoples house when some people gathered he told about the Love of God in Christ to the on lookers. Now a good gathering he has and he willed to work MESSIAH MISSIONS. He knows within six months time his congregation will be developed.
  • Brother Susairajan sends his greetings to the Reverend and Mrs. Seven E. Ray. He is full of the Holy Spirit and power. He knows only the vernacular but he has a zeal for the Lord’s ministry.
  • My son led the service here in Nanjangud Town and I conducted the Lord’s supper and preached from I CORINTHIANS 1; 26 and Romans 8: 38 & 39.   I think he is not mature to conduct the Lord’s supper yet. But he is improving in Ministry.

My wife Thankamma stands with me to hug and shower kisses on Mrs. Ray.

Brother K J Mathew Pastor and Arun Hunasur, and Biresh Paul gowda also send their greetings.

I also send my greetings and stop here.


Brother John Mohan

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  1. solita  June 11, 2012

    i am so……….. bless of this mission you were doing in India, wish you will include me in your prayer to be able to participate in your mission field., i was once doing this kind of mission thru evangelism in Zambia, Africa( my husband was working in the mines, so it is a family status, we were all staying in Zambia for 14 years, and i had a lots of Indian friends.

    • Messiah Missions  June 11, 2012

      Thank you for your message and your interest! Currently, we have no outbound missions but will keep you informed about that by email.

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