Continuing Service to the Lord in Pakistan – June News

Dear Friends! Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ,

Present Country Condition:

The new Government has started working. We have so hot summer here now, quite hard for the GEOM team to carry on evangelism but thank God, team is committed and keeps doing something for the glory of God. Need to pray for the team, so the team may get safe in the hot weather.

An interesting interaction:

God keeps giving us many opportunities to share the word of God in different ways. Like, one day I was standing on the road signal, while standing on the signal I was listening a Christian song in the car. At the same time a Muslim man stopped his car at my right side. He listened that song too but could not understand. He advised me that better to say “La ila ha il allah Muhammad dar rasool allah” (Muslim way of worshiping God) than listening to the song. In very short time I had the opportunity to share with him that according to the ten commandments of God, it’s not good to misuse the name of God. He heard and got impressed and said really God need the people like you. Then I gave him the word of God to study more.

Street Evangelism:

GEOM team had the opportunity to serve God in the province of Sarhad (cities Peshawar, Akora Khatak, Noshehra, Pabbi, Tarbaila and sorroundings) the following literature have been distributed:

  • Bibles = 159
  • New Testaments = 186
  • Miracles of Christ = 258
  • Proverbs = 227

Follow up Team:

This time Pastor Naseer and Pastor Younis had the opportunity to visit Kashmir. They spent a meaningful time with Pastor Samuel and his little church. They have noted that the people there have many expectations from us. They have demanded them to bring your elders here. Maybe they think that higher leadership can give them some financial assistance because here when someone join a new religion, the people from that religion give them financial help, which is not good near us, so need to pray that the new believers may not have this kind of expectations and just put their eyes in heaven for their entire satisfactions. Both of these pastors gave them good teaching in this regard.

Pastor Samuel is keep reaching out the gentiles and church in Kashmir is growing more but still there are many hurdles to carry on the God’s work there. Need to pray for him and his family.

Mini Bible School:

Thank God according to our schedule we had the seminar on evangelism with the cooperation of “Oceans of Life Ministries” at OLM church Rawalpindi.

There were some more than fifty participants from different churches. In this seminar I and Pastor Victor gave teaching. All the participants were so happy to have this seminar. Some of them had the commitments to practice with us. Need to pray for them so they may equip more.

Church Planting:

Praying for Pastor Shakeel to have a proper place for his newly planted church. Church is growing but there is no place for worshiping God.

Charity school:

Charity school is now on summer vacations. Need to pray for the children that they may not get careless and continue their studies during the summer vacations. Pastor Victor still has the hard to time meet the needs of the school. Pray for the new rented building and teachers. We are planning to have a summer camp for the school kids if God allows us.

We are asking God to have a multimedia for audio/video teaching aids for our school kids and even for the seminar and mini Bible school teachings.

Help the Helpless:

Thank God for Imran Ahmed, now he is able to walk with sticks need to pray for him and his family that may God take care for them duringg their time of need.

Prayer Requests:

  • Evangelism / Follow up teams
  • Multimedia for charity school and mini bible school
  • New Church planting project
  • Converts Church in Kashmir
  • Deliverance of 3000 Bibles/New Testaments this year to gentiles
  • Needy and poor Christian students
  • Literature and transportation needs
  • Financial support for team members
  • Mini bible school.

Please keep us in your daily prayers and for the further information you may contact with us.

Thanks, God bless you all.

In Lord,

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