New Initiatives in Pakistan – July-August 2012

Dear Friends! Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.


Dear brothers and sisters I am sorry to get late of sending you updates because Pastor Victor and I were busy struggling to open a charity school. Thank God for the passion and burden He has given us to serve Him even in the miserable condition here. Seems the prayers of righteous people are working… Thank you all, prayer partners, we love each one of you and keep you in our prayers too.

10 Minutes Prayer:

By August 19th at 11:00 to 11:10 for ten minutes only we had the countrywide prayer campaign for revival, peace and solidarity in Pakistan. All our Christian community along with our leadership participated in this special prayer movement through out Pakistan where ever we were.

Street Evangelism:

July 20 to August 20 was the fasting period of Muslims here. So during this period it was a little hard to have evangelism campaign because in these days even an ordinary Muslim becomes very religious and extremist, but instead of that the GEOM team did some evangelical work in remote areas of Punjab and touch many people with the love of God. Many of them have been delivered the Bibles, New Testaments, Miracles of Christ, Proverbs and some other small tracts. We were able to deliver the following literature during the last two months.

  • Bibles =87
  • New Testaments =59
  • Miracles of Christ =173
  • Proverbs =120

Another Big Incident of Persecution in Islamabad:

A young girl of 14 year old (Named Rimsha) was the victim of blasphemy law in Islamabad. She was accused by one of the IMAM (Muslim religious leader). He trapped her falsely that she had burned a Quran but actually he did this act himself just to trap this girl. The whole Christian community condemned and protested against this act. Thank God with the timely help of God this thing has been proved in the court. She got released and now that IMAM is in jail under the same blasphemy law.
Pastor Naseer is still facing the court problem, we need to pray for him.

Church in Kashmir:

Pray for the flock in Kashmir, still we are not able to send pastor over there due to our situation here. We are keeping in touch with them, praying and looking forward to have a permanent pastor there soon.

Home Cell Ministry:

Home cell ministry is in progress and we are raising many new leaders to help the different church activities. August 14th we had the dedication ceremony at Pastor Victor’s Church and we have dedicated some 9 people as an evangelists, deacons and youth and women leaders. Pastor Shakeel is focusing a new site to plant a new Church at Ali Pur Farash area.

Initiative of Charity School:

Pastor Victor and me, we were busy getting start of a charity school named “The Light Model School” for the needy and poor kids. There were some 21 kids in our care already. We were sending them to some other schools but now by the grace of God we are going to get start a charity school for them at new Shakryal Islamabad and along with that we will have the opportunity to have many other needy and poor kids. We are keeping on running a campaign and now there are some 80 kids we have enrolled already and hoping more. We are praying and looking forward to have running expenses and specially books and stationary for the kids immediately.

Help the Helpless:

10 years old Sammer Javed belongs to a poor Christian family, living in a poor Christian colony of Islamabad. His parents have no proper jobs. Two years ago Sammer Javed got an accident and his left leg fractured. Unfortunately his broken leg could not fixed well by the doctors, that made him disabled to walk and on the other side his parents had no money to go hospital for his further treatment… last month we met that family and saw the situation….its really miserable. We brought Sammer Javed to “Shifa International Hospital” Isalmabad for checkup…after examine the Doctor encouraged us and gave us 100% hope and surety that child can walk normally after the operation, but he said that the expenses will be more than $1800. We are praying and looking forward to meet the said expenses and have his operation as soon as possible.

Prayer Requests:

  • Evangelism / Follow up teams
  • New Church planting project
  • Converts Church in Kashmir
  • Deliverance of 4000 Bibles/New Testaments this year to gentiles
  • Literature and transportation needs
  • Financial support for team members
  • Mini bible school
  • Present country condition

Please keep us in your daily prayers and for the further information you may contact with us. Thanks, God bless you all.

In Lord,

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